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By contrast, Wikisource is a library of static texts that have already been published elsewhere. In many or most cases, these texts are not meant to change and evolve, and it would deeply hurt their integrity if they did! Therefore, Wikisource has adopted a policy of noting text quality and "protecting" pages from editing once they are thought to be correctly formatted and error-free. Comments about needed changes or corrections can always be made on the talk page and if necessary the page can be unprotected.

Wikibooks was started on July 10, 2003 with the mission to create a collection of open-content textbooks and related non-fiction books. Currently, we have 24,186 modules in a multitude of textbooks about different subjects.

Wikibooks are instructional materials written by the contributors themselves (e.g. study guides, classroom textbooks, and annotated texts for classroom use).

Wikibooks hosts educational resources.

Although we do not permit verbatim copies of pre-existing works, we do permit annotated texts, which are a kind of text that includes an original text within it and serves as a guide to reading or studying that text.

Wikibooks includes books based on Wikipedia articles

Subjects range from Organic Chemistry, Physics, Art History, Cooking, Mathematics, Mass Media, and Computer Software.