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Wikimedia press releases/Wikipedia Spanish language edition hits milestone 200,000 article

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Note: This press release was published at 'February 10, 2007'.

The team of the Spanish edition of Wikipedia translated this press release, and posted it on their site.

ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA - February 10, 2007

The Wikimedia Foundation announced today the creation of the 200.000 article in the Spanish language edition of Wikipedia. The article Cubo de la Solana was created by user Petronas from Alicante, Spain.

”Given the number of Spanish speakers worldwide, this is an important milestone for Wikipedia. Our goal is to empower every single human being with the ability to share in the sum of all human knowledge. Obviously, solidifying our presence in the Spanish-speaking world is an important part of that mission,” stated Florence Devouard, Wikimedia Foundation Chair.

Started in January 2001, Wikipedia is the world’s fastest growing, most current, and largest encyclopedia. Run entirely by volunteers, the website currently has over 6 million articles in 200 languages, and receives an estimated 150 million visitors per month. The largest Wikipedia sites are the English, German, and French language editions.

The Spanish language edition of Wikipedia had 50,000 articles in May 30, 2005, and by March 8, 2006, that number had doubled to 100,000. This quick growth made the Spanish language edition of Wikipedia the second most visited site after the English language edition of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia runs on "wiki" technology – a collaborative, open-source medium. Articles are written for a general audience and are continually being revised for clarity, readability, and accuracy. Content is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation Licence (GFDL), which lets users copy and modify each other's work based on a principle known as "copyleft". The entire database is freely downloadable.

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