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Wikimedia servers/hardware orders/wishlist

From Meta, a Wikimedia project coordination wiki

Current (as of September, 2005) hardware to-buy list:

  • 3 database slave boxes for Florida, 12k$ each, 36k$ in total done, Sep14
  • cisco 3560 48 gigabit port switch, for Florida, ~8000$
  • some cisco 2950G-48s for apache access switches, ~$2.5k
  • 1 ordered Sep16. One more left.
  • NOT 2950G-48s! They are fast ethernet switches with 2 GBICs. We need 2948G-GEs...
  • 30 multipurpose (application server) boxes, ~2500$ each, 75000$

If possible, massive expansion (100-200 multipurpose application servers) would be AWESOME.

  • 1 completely dedicated NFS storage server, instead of zwinger (zwinger would remain management server, but with remote mounted files)
  • Power distribution unit
  • UPSes for several machines
  • More serial console servers. an LS SCS480R (48 ports, this is pretty much the same as what we have now) is ~$2,900.
  • Spares for components which often fail, especially hard drives.
  • hardware RAID controller: maybe one of these (9TB for EUR8k), or the FC version (+1kEUR)