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Proposed name of Wikimedia user group: (There are some templates at Step-by-step user group creation guide#Naming of user groups.)

Proposed name of your user group

Proposed scope of Wikimedia user group: (What is the planned purpose, scope, vision, or mission of this Wikimedia user group?)

Proposed scope of your user group

Wiki page:

Wikilink to your group's wiki page on a Wikimedia project wiki such as Meta-Wiki or Wikipedia

1. Who are the people behind this application?

1a. How many?
1b. Active in which Wikimedia projects, if any?
1c. How are they geographically distributed?
1d. Do you have any highly active or prominent (on local or international level) Wikimedians / Wikipedians? If so, please name a few. (provide user names and wiki of origin)
1e. How many people do you expect will eventually want to join?

2. For the application and final agreement we will require two contact persons that can sign the Wikimedia User Group Agreement on behalf of the group. Who will those be? (please provide user names and wiki of origin) Please also include email addresses for these users either on this page or in your initial email to the Affiliations Committee (AffCom(_AT_)

3. Please give a short summary of your time path from the founding up to now.

4. Which geographical area and context do you cover (or plan to cover) with your entity?

5. Have there been any activities/meetings etc. of this group of people? If yes, please briefly describe some examples. This is not a requirement, just helpful information.

6. Do you keep any monthly/half-yearly/yearly reports of you activities? If yes, please provide links. This is not a requirement, just helpful information.

7. What kind of activities are planned for the future in the user group?

8. Is you entity already legally registered? Do you intend on becoming a legally registered entity in the next thirteen months? Please note that we do not require or encourage user groups to legally incorporate or register.

9. Do you have a bylaws for you entity? If yes, have the bylaws been reviewed by a lawyer/specialist? Please note that we do not require or encourage user groups to write bylaws.

10. How can the Affiliations Committee and the Wikimedia Foundation help your group?

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