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Just brainstorming. More on the talk page.

Wikimedia.org is currently a portal with logos to our projects.

This page is a brainstorming proposal for the following idea:

  • Change meta's name to www.wikimedia.org
  • Merge various cross-project content into www.wikimedia.org
  • Use namespaces to create semantic structure
  • Spend UI/UX resources to make simple design changes across the board to improve usability / discoverability of information


  • Current wikimedia.org is arguably ineffective use of central brand portal
  • Simple, memorable address
  • Opportunity to create clean design and information architecture
  • Opportunity to sensibly merge various wikis into a single multi-purpose wiki. Benefits of the sensible merge are:
    • In day-to-day use, it's easier to search one wiki for a document, than two. For instance, many outreach materials live on Meta, in addition to those on Outreach.

Why not[edit]

Check out the talk page for discussion about possible negative consequences. Nutshell:

  • Need to protect Meta as its own unique space with distinct culture, content & community

Wikis to supersede[edit]

  • meta.wikimedia.org (renamed)
  • strategy.wikimedia.org
  • outreach.wikimedia.org
  • Perhaps: Subsets of various other wikis


  • Research: for research projects
  • Proposal: for proposals/ideas
  • Grant: for grantmaking
  • Outreach: for outreach hub and planning pages
  • Bookshelf: for outreach resources (outreach:Bookshelf type stuff)
  • Report: for reports
  • Archive: for documents kept for historical interest only


  • Event: for events
  • Wikimania: for Wikimanias
  • Tech: for technical pages spread across mediawiki.org/wikitech.wikimedia.org/labsconsole.wikimedia.org which aren't strictly related to MediaWiki development and documentation.
  • Journal: for a peer-reviewed Journal


  • Rename meta.wikimedia.org to www.wikimedia.org (meta URLs should redirect) -- see considerations in bugzilla:19986 and check which ones would apply here
  • Start copying content from merged wikis using cross-wiki import
  • Any extensions used on wikis need to be supported on the new wiki; i.e., Strategy has DPL enabled.
    • Liquid Threads content will either have to be flattened, or Liquid Threads enabled on a per-page basis
  • At point of no return, mark merged wikis as read-only and add prominent "we've moved" message
    • Key pages (or all pages) should have cross-wiki automatic redirect enabled. Brochures, external sites, etc. advise newbies to go to certain key pages; upon their first arrival, they should not have to contend with a UI problem. For instance, outreach:GLAM/Newsletter (and redirects that point there) are linked in many places on the web, in private email messages, etc. GLAM personnel seeking the newsletter should not have to deal with a soft redirect when they first enter the site.
  • Identify key entry points (main page, namespace indexes, etc.) and iteratively implement redesigns