Wikimedians of Bashkortostan User Group/Report 2021-2022

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en: Wikimedians of Bashkortostan User Group/Report 2021-2022 — Report on the activities of the Wikimedians of Bashkortostan User Group from November 1, 2021 to November 1, 2022.

ru: Wikimedians of Bashkortostan User Group/Report 2021-2022 — Отчёт о деятельности группы Викимедийцев Башкортостана с 1 ноября 2021 года по 1 ноября 2022 года.

Important events, conferences[edit]

  • December 14, 2021

Bashkir Wikipedia has risen from 29th to 17th place in the world ranking of Wikimedia Fondation On the eve of the Day of the Bashkir Language, the competition "One thousand important articles" ended. Thanks to this competition, Bashkir Wikipedia has risen from 29th to 17th place in the world ranking of language sections.

Wikipedia has a list of "List of articles every Wikipedia should have" that contains basic information from all areas of knowledge. Based on this list, the One Thousand Important Articles competition was held. This competition showed the use of the Bashkir language in science and technology. Now on the Internet you can find materials in the Bashkir language about the cycle of water in nature, the structure of the Earth, physical phenomena, the structure of matter, the most important scientific discoveries, the biography of scientists such as Nikola Tesla, Louis Pasteur and others.

In total 18 volunteers participated in the competition. Users Yadgar9, М.Илнар, Зилиә, Г.Алтынай participated for the first time.

December 21

The Russian socio-political, popular science and art magazine 'Vatandash' published an article about the 4th forum of the Bashkir Wikipedia. The forum was supported by the Wikimedia RU Non-Commercial Partnership (Moscow), the Foundation for the Preservation and Development of the Bashkir Language, the World Kurultai of the Bashkirs, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Unlike previous years, the fourth event was held online. About thirty activists from all over the repablic gathered in the virtual conference hall, while the event was broadcast live on the YouTube channel. The administrator of the Bashkir Wikipedia Rustam Nuriev, noted that in the past two years, Wikipedians have not been able to meet due to the pandemia. The forum participants were greeted by Elvira Aitkulova, chairperson of the Presidium of The World Qoroltai of the Bashkirs, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.Истинные хранители языка и культуры

  • The conversation "Our World" took place on Radio Ashkadar. On this radio program, scientific literature and Bashkir toponymy were discussed. This radio program was devoted to scientific literature and scientists studying Bashkir toponymy. After that, the participants of the program reported about two contests in the Bashkir Wikipedia of the toponymy of historical Bashkortostan. The first competition was held at the expense of own funds, the second competition was held at the expense of a grant from the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The radio program was conducted by the famous journalist Farzana Akbulatova, Guzel Sitdikova and Zufar Salkhov participated in the program. The program was live and several radio listeners called during the live broadcast.[1]

15 March — 15 May, 2022

The “Villages of Bashkortostan” competition was held in Bashkir Wikipedia. In total, 24 Wikipedians took part in the competition. During the competition, 1700 articles were substantially expanded in the Bashkir Wikipedia.