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In 2015, for the first time, Bulgarian wiki community took part in the two photo contests, Wiki Loves Earth (initiated in 2013 in Ukraine) and Wiki Loves Monuments (initiated 2011 in the Netherlands). The inspiration to organize our local editions of the contest came as a direct result of the participation of Nikola, Vassia and Vladislav in the Wikimedia Central and Eastern Europe Meeting 2014 in Kiev, Ukraine, where the WLE contest was one of the special accents in the programme.

Due to various reasons, the organization of both competitions started relatively late, but was finalized just on time. Many useful lessons were learned about both the organization of the local edition of both contests, each of which had its own specifics.

Wiki Loves Earth 2015 Bulgaria[edit]

Bulgaria was one of the four countries that joined in 2015 the "Wiki Loves Earth" contest for the first time.

The WLE-Bulgaria took place from 1 June to 30 June, and that was still in time. In most countries it took place from 1 May to 31 May, but there were several countries which organized the contest in June. In general, the contest period proved to be chosen well, because May was a rather rainy month in Bulgaria, and the weather in June was more favourable for taking pictures. :)

The whole preliminary organization took less than 4 full days, and involved the efforts of three people: Vassia, Nikola and Asen. The preparation consisted of several steps:

  • Getting acquainted with the organization of the landing and support pages, as well as templates, and translating/adapting them to Bulgarian; in both Bulgarian Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.
  • Preparing lists of natural heritage sites (deciding the optimal level of detail, automatic extraction of information from public databases and formatting it in wiki markup)
  • Creating categories and templates for all the respective natural heritage sites.
  • Coordinating with the Ukrainian organizing team their support in launching the wle-bg campaign for us.
  • Working on the promotion of the contest in online and social media.
  • Number of photos: 1614 (ranking: 18th out of 26 participating countries; see here)
  • Number of uploaders: 119 (~15 old editors, see here)
  • Number of written articles: At least 40 (see here)

Lessons for WLE 2016 BG[edit]

Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 Bulgaria[edit]

Lessons for WLM 2016 BG[edit]