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Wikimedians of Bulgaria/2016/WLM Report

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Comparison between Wiki Loves Earth and Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 in Bulgaria


This year's Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) in Bulgaria was the second in a row. In 2015 both Wiki Loves Earth (WLE) and WLM were contests without any prizes. In 2016 we organised a prize awarding ceremony for WLE and kept WLM without prizes, as in 2015. We also worked on more press coverage about WLE 2016.

Our metrics show that WLM 2016 was less successful that WLM 2015 – there were 30% fewer participants, there were almost twice less uploaded images and the number of used images dropped also slightly.

Metric WLE 2015 WLM 2015 WLE 2016 WLM 2016 Comments
Number of new uploaders 99 77 84 44 The number of new uploaders is constantly dropping. A possible reason for that is the fact that many of the participants are returning for the next editions of the contests. There was a slight increase for WLE 2016, probably because of the additional press work and prizes.
Percentage of new uploaders 83% 76% 73% 62% The percentage is dropping constantly as participants in one edition of one of the contests stay for later editions of both contests.

Between WLE and WLM, WLM is the contest which is less preferred by participants, perhaps because of the lack of freedom of panorama in Bulgaria.

Number of participants 119 101 115 71 The drop in the number of participants in WLM between the two last editions dropped by ca. 30% compared to a very slight drop in the number of participants at WLE. The difference is that WLE 2016 was a contest with prizes, compared to WLE 2015 without prizes, while both WLM 2015 and WLM 2016 were without prizes.
Number of new images/media uploaded to Wikimedia Commons 1608 1736 2146 922 The number of uploaded images during WLM 2016 dropped heavily compared to WLM 2015 while the number of images for WLE 2016 was 33% higher than the previous year.
Number of images used 182 132 355 119 The number of images used after WLM 2016 dropped slightly in comparison with the year before, which can be attributed to the fact that the images from last year could have been used for a year longer. The number of images used from WLE 2016 is almost twice higher than the year before, the reason for which could be the higher quality of the images in general, which can be attributed to the prizes.
Percentage of images used 11% 8% 17% 13% The number of images used both in WLM 2016 and WLE 2016 was increased. One possible reason for that is the increasing awareness of the contests among the local community.