Wikimedians of Bulgaria/2017

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This report page is a draft! Please, modify it! :D 12:56, 17 April 2017 (UTC)

Participation in meetings and events[edit]

Date from Date to Event Participant(s) Deliverables
02-16 02-17 European GLAMwiki Coordinators meeting, Paris ShockD
03-17 03-21 Wikipedia for Peace 2017, Vienna Javacoffeeandtea, Spiritia

Report (in English)

03-29 04-02 Wikimedia Conference 2017, Berlin Report
04-08 04-09 WikiLive 2017, Belgrade Спасимир, Spiritia Presentation, delivered by Hangouts
04-22 04-22 National Geography Festival, Pazardzhik Спасимир, Spiritia, Ket

Events organization[edit]

Date from Date to Event Participant(s) Deliverables
03-11 03-11 Photo-thon in the National Polytechnic Museum ShockD, Spiritia, Спасимир, Ket, Ilikeliljon, Сале GLAM Newsletter
03-11 03-11 Edit-a-thon "Notable Bulgarian Women" @ Goethe Institut, Sofia Dimi z, Justine.toms, Spiritia, Спасимир, ShockD, Laveol
05-25 05-25 Public lecture about "Wiki Loves Earth 2017 Bulgaria" @ Traveller's Club, Sofia Spiritia, Спасимир (...?)

Media coverage[edit]