Wikimedians of Nepal/Annual Program for 2015 AD/National Conference of Nepali Wikipedians

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Wiki Conference Nepal

National level contributor meet in Nepal will help the Nepali Wikipedia community to integrate the effort of the contributors and make knowledge sharing environment through collaborative effort. In this conference, all contributors are free to participate and can provide input and feedback for the betterment of Nepal Wikipedia.


Nepali is the official language and de facto lingua franca of Nepal and is also spoken in India and Bhutan. There is 17 million native speakers of Nepali within Nepal (2011 national census). Nepali Wikipedia is a growing in content with over 27,000 articles. The Wikipedia statistics shows 112 active editors and 12 very active editors as of February 2015. The objective of the Nepali Wikipedia National Conference of Nepali Wikipedian is to strengthen Nepali Wikipedia community and its outreach efforts.

  • The meeting aims to discuss topics and issues in Nepali Wikipedia.
  • Project plan discussion for programmatic work (Online as well as offline such as government outreach and institutional partnerships).
  • Identify areas of improvement for future meet-ups/conferences.
  • Bridge gender-gap on Nepali Wikipedia by recruiting female editors.

Duration of Program[edit]

2 days


  • Volunteers
  • Sponsorship (travel and accommodation)- this may be individual or collective
  • Logistic support

Scholarship for participants[edit]

At least 15 scholarships should be provided to Nepali Wikipedia contributor with traveling and accommodation from outside valley.

  1. 10 scholarships will be provided from open competition. (Contribution, involvement in wiki movement, in-wiki and out-wiki involvement etc)
  2. 5 Scholarships will be provided to the winner of in-wiki competition organization by Nepali Wikipedia Community

Program Activities[edit]

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Photography contest
  • Briefs activities of the Nepali Wikipedia of 2015 and outcomes achieved
  • Edit-a-thon
  • Brief report presentation of WLE, WLM
  • Award ceremony
  • At least five presentation from the participants on the specified topics
  • Discussion on what we have learnt till date
  • Plan presentation of the Nepali Wikipedia for 2016
  • Thanks giving and closing ceremony


Community Notification[edit]

Measure of success[edit]

Contact for more info[edit]

- Biplab Anand
- Nirjal Shrestha