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Wikimeetup in Saint Petersburg 2019/09/15[edit]

Wikimeetup in Saint Petersburg 2019/09/15
  • The Main topic was the discussion around the organization of the wikimedia conference in Saint Petersburg with the support of the Wikimedia RU team.
  • We chose the place and the date of its organization.
  • we have chosen the person who will be the manager of the conference.

Wikimeetup in Saint Petersburg 2019/10/13[edit]

Wikimeetup in Saint Petersburg 2019/10/13
  • During the discussion of the meeting in Tbilisi and interaction with the Wikimedians of Georgia, it was decided to offer them the transfer of the base of cultural heritage objects for the competition "Wiki Loves Monuments" to a platform similar to the Russian base. The platform for this can be any, it is planned to implement the bilingual or trilingual names, based on the practice of use in Georgia, in addition to the Georgian, Russian and English languages.
  • Discussing the Nordic Wikimedians meeting, the participants expressed a desire to help Finnish Wikimedians find data on the Sami languages in Russian.
  • According to the decision-making rules, all participants, including Frhdkazan, who contacted the meeting via an audio call, spoke in favor of consensus on Wikimedia platforms as a basic principle. Two sites were proposed for permanent use: discussion pages at or at After a short discussion, the participants spoke in favor of conducting discussions on the User Group discussion page for general issues and on the events discussion page for planned events.

Wikimeetup in Saint Petersburg 2020/07/12[edit]

Wikimeetup in Saint Petersburg 2020/07/12
  • Penetration into protected areas for the purpose of photographing cultural heritage objects located there.
  • The ratio of the activities of the user groups UG-NWR and UG-SPB.
  • Exchange of information about the surrounding objects.
  • Discussion of the social environment on Wikipedia, past, present and future projects in it.

XIII Festival of Languages In St. Petersburg[edit]

XIII Festival of Languages In St. Petersburg
  • Andrey Petrov with his presentation "Wiki projects as an important tool for Russian Federation languages' saving"

Watch it on Youtube:

Wikimeetup in Saint Petersburg 2021/01/15[edit]

Wikimeetup in Saint Petersburg 2021/01/15
  • 20th anniversary of Wikipedia.

Co-organisation of the Saint Petersburg Wiki-Conference 2020[edit]

Co-organisation of Saint Petersburg Wiki-Conference 2020

Wiki-Conference 2020 is the 14th Annual International Forum dedicated to developing Wikimedia projects in the languages of Russia, as well as challenges of free knowledge creation and dissemination overall.

A scientific conference and a meeting of the like-minded, Annual Wiki-Conference brings together participants of various Wikimedia projects, for reporting & making presentations on on-going and completed projects, exchanging ideas and making new contacts. Wiki-Conference participants have an opportunity to discuss in person a wide spectrum of issues, from free and open software to free knowledge sharing initiatives and wiki-projects in the Russian Federation and around the world.

Watch it on Youtube:

Wikimeetup in Saint Petersburg 2021/04/14[edit]

Wikimeetup in Saint Petersburg 2021/04/14
  • The Main topic was the discussion Refreching the User Group
  • New contact at the Wikimedia Foundation has been appointed
  • Future activites:
  • Illustration competition (?)
  • QR codes for museums
  • Partnership with museums (SRM, VMM, ...)
  • Partnership with publishing houses (Vita-Nova, ...)
  • Partnership with libraries (Mayakovsky Central State Library for Library, National Library of Russia, ...)

  • Partnership with KGIOP
  • GLAM
  • Missing articles
  • Receiving grants for scanning sources, digitizing reference books, ...
  • Mobile application + partnership with Petersburg24