Wikimedians of Slovakia/Annual agendas/2018

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Agenda for 2018[edit]

For the 2018 year, we are planning the following:


  • an editathon for Slovak folk culture in cooperation with ethnological institutions of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and universities for 9-10 June 2018 in Bratislava. We would also like to travel to Slovakia's regions to offer smaller workshops at libraries etc.


  • to continue Wiki Loves Monuments for another year. Other contests are possible based on interest.

Micro grants[edit]

  • to establish micro grants for local-community members to create their own programs/events.

Volunteer recruitment and retention[edit]

  • to work on recruitment and retention of volunteers: what brings them in and what keeps them from leaving?

Open content lobbying[edit]

  • to work on convincing producers of content to make it open. work with (governmental) institutions such as the Statistical Office as well as hobby websites.


  • to increase our PR activities towards the general public: use blogs more, for example. We would also like to improve communication between our online and offline communities.

Prizes for open content[edit]

  • to explore giving out prizes for open content production. This would involve like-minded organizations.

Involvement in the global Wikimedia movement[edit]

  • to keep sending our representatives to actively participate in the CEE, Wikimedia, Wikimania and other movement conferences.