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Protocol of the regular meeting of Wikimedians of Turkic Languages User Group for May 16, 2020.


  • Remote.
  • May 16, 2020.
  • 18:30 UTC, 21:30 TRT, 22:30 AZT.


  1. Mehman97
  2. HakanIST
  3. Sakhalinio
  4. Frhdkazan
  5. Eldarado
  7. Basak
  8. Turkmen
  9. Рөстәм Нурыев
  11. Тимерхан


Notes from meeting[edit]

  • At present, three Wikipedias have confirmed their participation in the marathon, these are Turkish, Azerbaijani and Tuvan. Until May 20, three Wikipedias should decide and coordinate at the local level participation in the marathon, these are Kazakh, Tatar and Bashkir. We are waiting for news from them until May 20.
  • The theme of the marathon is not limited, but all participating Wikipedias should create an indicative list of articles for writing, so that other communities have an idea of what they should write about. At this stage, we think it would be better for all of Wikipedias to present the most important articles in the lists for writing to others.
  • In a marathon, both new articles and improved articles will be accepted.
  • All articles in all languages will be added to the “Fountain” tool by language sections. This tool is familiar to most communities.
  • Participating communities can write articles about themselves, except for the Turkish and Azerbaijani communities. Local communities themselves can solve this issue, with the consent of international organizers.
  • The criteria for new and improved articles are different on Wikipedia, local organizers make their own decisions about this. All Wikipedias should inform the international organizers of these criteria in order to add them to the counter (Fountain) tool.
  • Local organizers cannot participate in the marathon, as well as jury members. If a community doesn’t have the resource for this, then international organizers can act as local organizers and a jury in the relevant sections.
  • For prizes, $300 was allocated for each Wikipedia. Prizes will be issued in the form of gift cards or as a real prize.
  • Next meeting time July 18 (Saturday), 13:00 (UTC).

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