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This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedians of the Levant and the translation is 44% complete.
Wikimedians of the Levant

(ويكيميديا بلاد الشام)


Wikimedians of the Levant
SijaintiJordan Icons-flag-jo.png
Libanon Icons-flag-lb.png
Palestiina Icons-flag-ps.png
Syyria Icons-flag-sy.png
Perustettutammikuu 2013
Hyväksytty20. toukokuuta 2015
Viralliset kieletarabia
Muut kieletenglanti
AffiliationsWikimedia Foundation
TwitterWikimedia Levant
FacebookWikimedia Levant

Wikimedians of the Levant (Levantin Wikimedistit, arabiaksi: ويكيميديا بلاد الشام) on Wikimedia-käyttäjäryhmä eli Wikimedian hankkeita ja muita vapaan sisällön hankkeita ja tiedonvapautta Levantin alueella (Jordan, Libanon, Palestiina sekä Syyria) edistävä ryhmä. Se perustettiin tammikuussa 2013 ja hyväksyttiin 20. toukokuuta 2015 neljäntenä käyttäjäryhmänä arabiankielisistä maista, and has since grown to perhaps one of the leading affiliates in the MENA region.

Wikimedians of the Levantilla on kuluvana vuonna 2023 yhteensä 30 jäsentä.


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Syyt perustamiseen

  • Kussakin Levantin alueen valtioista on vain muutama aktiivinen muokkaaja, mikä tekee hankalaksi perustaa niissä yksittäisiä käyttäjäryhmiä.
  • Levantin mailla on huomattavia yhtäläisyyksiä kielen, historian, kulttuurin, maantieteen ja elämäntyylin suhteen.
  • Users and contributors of these countries share similar interests, challenges, needs and they participate in the same Wikipedias and projects. Hence, it would be great if their efforts were unified under one group through which challenges could be overcome, needs fulfilled and projects and interests better organized.
  • To unify the work needed to participate successfully in different projects (e.g. Wiki Loves Monuments) in terms of performing the official tasks, providing guidance, boosting participation, deriving local contests, sharing experience and ideas, etc.
  • To coordinate the work and consultation related to participation in the international events such as Wikimania and regional events such as WikiArabia.



  1. Representing the Wikimedia in the Levant and gathering the Arab contributors of the Levant countries in one group.
  2. Establishing a base and a reference for all Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese in Wikipedia and all other wikimedia projects.
  3. Promoting and developing the content related to Levant countries specifically and the Arab World generally in different languages.
  4. Organizing activities, gatherings, workshops and different projects for contributors of the mentioned countries so it saves efforts and cost.
  5. Unifying the efforts of the contributors under one umbrella, especially those with technical skills.
  6. Gathering the contributors who live abroad and have them put some focus and efforts in enhancing the Arabic content, especially what's related to the Levant.
  7. Unifying the contribution in the international activities, such as Wiki Love… contests and others.
  8. Developing a performance plan for ambassadors to represent Wikipedia in the Levant universities, taking into consideration that Jordanian and Palestinian Education Programs can be used as a platform to start.