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Wikimedians who use Facebook

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This is a list of Wikipedians who use the website Facebook. Facebook is a website popular around the world, which lets people create a profile to stay in contact with their close connections. This page is an easier way to find other Wikipedians on Facebook. Please list your school and your name.

Note that some Facebook profiles are only accessible to signed-in users.

Account User Text
ProGamer Joab_YT Joab Israel Infante Lee Bienvenidos todos!!
Ashley Meyer Ashleyisachild I don't add strangers but my profile is here.
Bryan Berry VladAntlerkov
Chris Buckley Cbuckley
Connor Lee WAvegetarian
Crasshopper Crasshopper I don't add strangers but my profile is here.
Kira Josie Murphy Kira Josie Murphy
Dhusor SoMoy Oni Motiur Rahman Oni My profile can be viewed here but I don't usually add strangers.
Eric Ventress Eric Ventress If I've actually interacted with someone substantially on en.wiki, I'll add them, but otherwise I won't.
Ground Ground
Jason Allen Taylor Tantoi12
Jaques Oliveira Carvalho Jaques O. Carvalho
Liam Rosen Liam Rosen Send me a message so I know you're from Wikipedia.
Liang-chih Shang Kuan Shangkuanlc Send me a message on facebook to introduce a bit and let me know you got my info from here.
McCart42 McCart42
Mike Halterman Mike Halterman
Mindspillage Mindspillage
Moheen Reeyad Moheen Reeyad Wikimedians are welcome!
Nahid Sultan Nahid Sultan I don't usually add strangers but Wikimedians may add me. You can find me here. Thanks!
Netha Hussain Netha Hussain My profile can be viewed here.
Rafaell Russell Rafaell Russell I will be here.
Raihan Rana Raihan Rana I am here.
Vibhijain Vibhijain
Юрій Пероганич Perohanych I know how to create and run your own wiki, see https://wikinosivka.info
Iqbal Hossain Iqbal Hossain I don't usually add strangers but Wiki-medians may add me. You can find me here. Thanks!
Abha Pradhan Abha Pradhan
Зоран Филиповић Зоран Филиповић Сви Википедијанци су добродошли. Хвала!

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