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This list is for Wikipedians who have and use PDAs that run Palm OS, GNU/Linux, Windows CE, Pocket PC, Symbian OS, etc.

  • Optim
  • hoshie: My device is a Palm m130 running Palm OS 4.1.
  • Maveric149: Palm 3xe with Palm OS 3.5. I have 4 years of class and meeting notes on it. Got a Palm Tungsten T3 for Christmass and I love it!
  • JorgeGG: Palm Tungsten E, previously a Palm 130.
  • Neolux: Sony Clie NX70V/U, Palm OS 5, use it everyday, previously a notepad and an unused diary. Unfortunately, this was stolen so I am PDA-less for a while :/ Hopefully my next thing will be one of those funky smartphone thingys, like a Palm Treo or something.
  • Taku: Yes, I need a en:pushdown automata to parse my programs. No, I am just joking.
  • Bdesham: Palm Zire 71; was an m130, and an m100 before that. Handheld + keyboard = best thing ever.
  • Heidimo: Palm Vx wikiwidget club
  • Cimon Avaro on a pogo stick: Handspring Visor Deluxe running Palm OS v.3.1H2, Not using it much yet. Would be nice to get Finnish wikipedia onto it...
  • en:User:Sweets - Newton and Palm, give me an iPod Video with NewtonOS please
  • Topbanana: Nokia 9210i - can't even wake up in the morning without it's help.
  • MSTCrow Palm Vx, Palm OS 4.1, CPU overclocked to 28MHz, among other things.
  • Burgundavia - Tungsten E
  • BCorr|Брайен Handspring Visor Prism running Palm OS v.3.5H2, with a VisorPhone so that I can actually edit Wikipedia with it.
  • Bquanta: A Palm Zire 72. Much goodness. I think if I lost it I would slowly stop working.
  • Austin Hair, who used to design PDAs for a living but now carries a pen.
  • Koba-chan, SONY PEG-S300/D, Palm OS v 3.5.1
  • Millosh: Compaq iPAQ 3650. Running Familiar/Opie GNU/Linux (soon it would be Familiar/GPE).
  • Linuxbeak: Sharp Zaurus SL-5500. Runs Linux.
  • Zidane2k1: Used a Sony Clie PEG-S320 until I managed to crack the touch panel (LCD still good though). Now back to a Palm IIIe.
  • Palm Pfv2
  • Zirland Handspring
  • WauloK Motorola A1000 (Symbian UIQ), Hewlett Packard h4150 PocketPC
  • Linuxerist Clie
  • :Palm T3 w linux
  • Jonathan Penny Cingular 8525 WM5