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Annual Report 2019


This year has been powerful for us in the education field. We got to expand our projects through talks and meetings with teachers, directives, students and more. We started full of hopes with our on-going projects in PUCE -which makes us really proud- and looking forward for new partnerships.

Projects in PUCE[edit]

This year we had our two edit-a-thons (Editatonas) at PUCE as usual. But we reimagined the perception of this project within its academic environment, making us go further in our work, involving more volunteers, finding out new potential editors and possible volunteers for Wikimedistas de Ecuador. A lot of new teachers heard about this project and are willing to participate next year as part of the organizing team.

In March, we had the opportunity to create more articles, as our volunteers gained more skills and we learned from the previous year how to organize ourselves to cover as many classrooms as we could at the same time. In short terms, we had a running Edit-a-thon (Editatona) in three different classrooms during two days, in three different hour sessions. Even though during the whole process our last three years our Educational Projects Manager, Vahid Masrour, was present and really close to the development of this project, this was the first year he was absent; it turned out Wikimedistas de Ecuador developed more capacity and volunteers already had a system to help during the edit-a-thons.

In November, a different group of volunteers was present in the edit-a-thon (Editatona), but we had a greater impact. This time, we noticed how the University finally recognized Editatona PUCE as a project abroad all faculties in its main campus. PUCE also was thrilled to bring Prof. Zach McDowell to share a lecture on social communications before the Edit-a-thon, while also supporting the mission of Editatona PUCE, so he was available to be part as a volunteer and led a group of students to make some articles in the english Wikipedia about ecuadorian women.

We had interesting press and social media coverage, and for the first time a tweet from PUCE showing our work at the edit-a-thon (Editatona), a publication on Primicias EC, as well as some others.

Over all, in these two events we had 60 new articles about women, 238 edited articles and around 130 editors. It has been the best time for us in advancing our mission on helping new women editors to contribute and also improve women biographies' coverage on spanish Wikipedia.

Projects in other universities[edit]

In November we welcomed back our former Educational Projects Manager, Vahid Masrour, who had a brief visit to Cuenca, where he shared a talk on TIC EC 2019, a congress about new technologies in education in Ecuador that had around 500 participants from different universities around the country.

Vahid Masrour sharing a lecture on the educational uses for Wikipedia at TIC EC 2019.

Days later, in Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, Wikimedistas de Ecuador had a talk/workshop on Wikipedia's educational uses. 12 people (among teachers and students) gathered to find out what is going on behind the curtains on Wikipedia editing, led by Vahid Masrour, César Cabrera and Juan Francisco Beltrán.


In January we celebrated Wikipedia's 18th birthday in five different cities of our country. We held gatherings in Guayaquil, Quito, Cuenca, Portoviejo and Riobamba, and reached out to 130 people around the country.


We had a great year for Editatonas in Ecuador. We held one in Guayaquil in March called "La Mujer Escribe la Historia", which gathered 10 women that learned how to edit Wikipedia to contribute with articles about other notable women in our country. The same way in November we had "#WikiMujerEC" which was held in Guayaquil, Quito and Cuenca at the same time.

Press coverage for editatonas[edit]

Monthly reports[edit]

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