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What is a wikimood? Well, it is your current emotional state on a Wikimedia project.

On the English Wikipedia, your wikimood is a numerical setting on a 21-point signed integer scale. It ranges from -10 or explosive (the most intense negative wikimood), through 0 or neutral, to +10 or runaway (the most intense positive wikimood). If someone leaves a bad message or a personal attack on your talk page, or makes an edit that you feel is detrimental to an article that you follow closely or really cherish, you don't have to get uncivil; you can just put your wikimood at a lower setting and ignore that bad message or fix that bad edit. Other people on the project will know how you feel, and you might just get some comfort, and maybe even some sympathy, out of it. If you get praised for a big contribution you made, you can set your wikimood higher and you might get even more praise!

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