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I propose to add a special index system to Wikipedia, called Wikindex+. When working through Wikindex+ any wikipedian could add hidden links to the text, that don't necessarily link the user to more encyclopedia values. The link could lead you to something that has a similar idea, motive or subject. It could be further interpretation. It could be a painting, a poem or a story.

A new link would be added to the "recent changes" list for two months, and a short passage, written by the wikiped who added the link would explain why the link is relevant to the text. Other Wikipedians would be given the chance to veto the link, and if more than 20 wikipedians reject it, the link wouldn't be added. If after two months the link hasn't accumulated more than 19 rejections it will be added. Other wikipedians could add to the link, but not change it. If another wikipedian thinks the link that has already been added is offensive or political (not allowed to maintain NPOV), he will publish a petition in the Wikindex+ forum. Other wikipedians would vote, and if after a month there's a majority in favour of the change, the wikipedian who posted the petition would be allowed to carry out the change.

Readers who'll enter Wikindex+ will have the same articles as in Wikipedia, plus the Wikindex+ links. The links would appear like normal text, so that only if you want to find a link you'll find it by going over the text with your mouse.

Wikindex+ will allow you to listen to other people's ideas, and think about a subject in a new way. The idea of Wikindex+ is based on a short story by Orson Scott Card called "the finder"

This has been proposed before -- w:User:The Anome (I think) had been working on an indexing tag system, experimenting with hidden links. The problem is that they would be have to be manually added and that certain articles occupy different genres, (granularity) and that the tags do not give clues as to the articles heirarchy in the scheme, etc. A better proposal came a while back for an indexing system that gets recursively and interactively refactored, in accordance with an identity number for each article -- allowing for cross-language indentification of article within general (front page) and well founded contexts. This idea and ones like it came up in the context of a few major discussions —interlanguage links, making "selected" content for "quality control" (censorship), and better databasing in general. It requires people qualified to do work in this area.Stevertigo 02:07, 9 Nov 2003 (UTC)

This index may revert to allwiki which means indexes throughout Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikiquote, and Wikisource, along with Wikipediatlas.

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