Wikinews portal design contest

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Portal contest[edit]

The portal contest is for the design of the portal. The portal can be edited here on Meta and consists of two components: template (the HTML component) and portal (the wikitext body component). The body component is inserted into the template at the location of the string "$1". Please do not edit these pages directly. Instead, create your portal design at

You can then view the portal using the following URL:

As an example, the current portal can be viewed here.

Please make sure your portal has links to the story submission screen for languages in which it exists.

Current submissions[edit]

Here is a submission from Wikinewser DouglasGreen: see new portal design.

I came up with a simplified design for the portal that features some descriptive text and a Wikinews slogan that I came up with earlier. It is lean and graphics free so it should make for a quick-loading page. It tries to state in as few words as possible what Wikinews is about and its journalistic standards. And it tries to arrange the current 12 languages artfully and simply around that banner.

Haven't done anything for the template yet, but it looks fine to me as-is. DouglasGreen 04:30, 21 May 2005 (UTC)[reply]

Very nice. I like how the paragraph is brief so readers could go thru it quickly, but detailed enough to make sure people don't just not visit the site when they come to the lang. choice. The only problem is the paragraph is in English so somebody goining to the french site would find it useless. Very nice overall. Bawolff 05:19, 27 May 2005 (UTC)[reply]
I think the English could be an issue. Perhaps we should avoid words, and replace the text box with a big version of the Wikinews logo? Dan100 12:31, 3 Jun 2005 (UTC)
I made a few changes to the template (changed fav icon, removed language codes in html, added german and english rss feed to link for firefox, ect). here it is with douglas green's page for the content the favicon is a little squished, we could use [[Image:Wikinews-favicon.png]] instead.