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Descrição do Projeto[edit]

The idea behind the Wikispelling project is that whenever an error is fixed in a wiki, and this error is likely to appear in other wikis, then that error should be fixed in the other wikis as well. I am thinking mostly about spelling errors: when a word is frequently misspelled in English, there are chances it is also misspelled by foreigners. This is especially true of proper nouns.

Other tasks can be performed on all wikis at the same time. I am not really sure where this project is going, but I needed a place to keep track of my own work, so here it is. If you have any ideas, feel free to contribute.


Questões pendentes[edit]

  • Should user pages and talk pages be fixed?

I personally fix these pages as well because it reduces Google noise. Sam Hocevar 19:17, 17 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Some friends correct my user pages and I appliciate them. I don't think it should be corrected; other people don't welcome such corretion. Correction with a note on talk would be nice. --Aphaia 23:56, 18 Dec 2004 (UTC)
I do, and I don't, depending on the Google noise. I agree with Aphaia, when corrected, we should leave a message on the User's talk page. On Talk pages, when amending something, we could have a standard commit message that says "reducing Google noise" for example ;-) . notafish }<';> 20:35, 20 Dec 2004 (UTC)
That would, of course, require the local version of Google noise. Aliter 17:52, 13 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  • Should pages on other W-s actually be changed, or should those speaking the language merely be warned? It might be a bit presumptious to assume we know the spelling of a word in a language we can't write. And making a fix, then write the summary in a foreign language, does indeed appear presumptious. Aliter 19:26, 30 Jan 2005 (UTC)
    • Of course. but look at the word list:
  • How can we avoid burdening small W-s with errors they discover? Aliter 19:26, 30 Jan 2005 (UTC)
    • How is this relevant to Wikispelling? Sam Hocevar 21:47, 24 Apr 2005 (UTC)
  • How can we avoid burdening small W-s with the need to check whether a fix is actualy a fault? Aliter 19:26, 30 Jan 2005 (UTC)
    • If unsure, just don’t fix it. Googling and/or looking at other articles in the same language also helps deciding whether the fix is OK. Sam Hocevar 21:47, 24 Apr 2005 (UTC)
  • How can we avoid alienating other editors by plastering project-advertising all over the summaries? Aliter 19:26, 30 Jan 2005 (UTC)
    • Probably by not changing anything in what we are currently doing. It’s not as if we were doing thousands of edits a day. Sam Hocevar 21:47, 24 Apr 2005 (UTC)
  • Is the spelling bot in active use on English Wiki pages? I used Google to find numerous instances of seperate and soluable. How do I request that a find-replace pair be added to the spell checker's list? seperate->separate soluable->soluble

Recursos úteis[edit]

Per-wiki lists of common mistakes[edit]

Per-wiki correction projects[edit]



Per-wiki notes[edit]

Bavarian (bar), West Flemish(vls), Allemannic(gsw/als), Limburgian(li), Ripuarian(ksh), Seelandic (zea), West Low Saxon as of the Netherlands (nds-NL):

  • These are not unified languages but a collection of different dialects having in part quite some spelling varieties.

Ripuarian (ksh):

  • This is not a unified language but a collection of dialects having in part several distinct spellings, some not even fixed, or following context related phonetic spelling rules. Foreign proper names may or may be not be 'imported' into a dialect, pronounciationwise + spellingwise. Both christian names and 'meaningful' surnames can occasionally be translated.
  • If a foreign proper name is used literally + meant to be pronounced in its original foreign manner, it is most often enclosed in a {{lang|xyz|foreign name}} wrapper for language code xyz . Feel free to add ones, where missing.

Commit messages[edit]

Empty commit messages should be avoided as much as possible. Even minor edits should properly state what is being changed (spelling, grammar, punctuation, layout, ...).

The following (hopefully correct) table should help you add the proper commit message in various languages when correcting mistakes in other wikis.

For instance, if you are fixing spelling errors in a Norwegian wiki, avoid the following commit message:

  • minor corrections (spelling) - please help with [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]!

but rather use:

  • små korreksjoner (rettskrivning) - hjelp [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]] !

or simply:

  • rettskrivning - hjelp [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]] !

Please complete and/or fix this list! (rows with white background were confirmed by a fluent speaker; rows with yellow background are sill not confirmed; rows with red background are incomplete)

(en) English [minor] correction
([minor] corrections)
spelling grammar punctuation typography please help with [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]
(af) Afrikaans [kleine] verbetering
([kleine] verbeteringe)
spelling grammatika interpunksie tipografie Help asseblief met [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]!
(als) Alemannisch [chlini] Verbesserig
([chlini] Verbesserige)
Rächtschriibig Grammatik Zeichesetzig Typografii Hilf bitte mit [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]!
(ar) العربية [طفيف] تصحيح
([طفيفة] تصحيحات)
إملاء قواعد علامات ترقيم مادة طباعية من فضلك ساعد في [[m:Wikispelling|إملاء الويكي]]
(ast) asturianu [pequeña] correición
[pequeñes] correiciones
ortografía gramática puntuación tipografía por favor, echanos un gabitu cola [[m:Wikispelling|Wikiortografía]]
(bs) bosanski [mala] ispravka
([male] ispravke)
pravopis gramatika interpunkcija tipografija Molimo Vas da pomognete sa [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]
(bg) български [малка] корекция
([малки] корекции)
правопис граматика пунктуация оформление Моля помогнете на [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]
(br) brezhoneg reizhadennig [vihan]
(reizhadennoùigoù [bihan])
reizhskrivañ yezhadur poentaouiñ tipografiezh Mar plij, skoazellit ac'hanomp gant ar [[m:Wikispelling|wikireizhskrivañ]]
(ca) català [petita] correcció
[petites] correccions
ortografia gramàtica puntuació tipografia Si us plau, ajudeu amb el [[m:Wikispelling|Viquiortògraf]]
(cs) čeština [drobná] oprava
([drobné] opravy)
pravopis gramatika interpunkce typografie pomozte prosím projektu [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]
(csb) kaszëbsczi
(cy) Cymraeg cywiriad [bach]
cywiriadau [bychain]
orgraff gramadeg atalnodi teipograffeg cyfrannwch at brosiect [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]], os gwelwch yn dda
(da) dansk [mindre] ændring
[mindre] ændringer
stavning grammatik tegnsætning typografi hjælp [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]
(de) Deutsch [kleine] Korrektur
([kleine] Korrekturen)
Rechtschreibung Grammatik Interpunktion
Typografie Bitte hilf mit [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]!
(el) Ελληνικά [μικρή] διόρθωση ορθογραφία γραμματική στίξη τυπογραφία παρακαλούμε βοηθήστε στη [[m:Wikispelling|Βικιορθογραφία]]
(eo) Esperanto korekto [malgranda]
korektoj [malgrandaj]
ortografio gramatiko interpunkcio tipografio bonvolu helpi per [[m:Wikispelling|Vikiortografio]]
(es) español [pequeña] corrección
[pequeñas] correcciones
ortografía gramática puntuación tipografía ayúdanos con la [[m:Wikispelling|wikiortografía]]
(et) eesti [pisike] parandus
([pisikesed] parandused)
õigekiri grammatika kirjavahemärkide tarvitus tüpograafia Palun aita [[m:Wikispelling|vikiõigekirjaga]
(eu) euskara ortografia gramatika puntuazio
(fi) suomi [pieni] korjaus
([pieniä] korjauksia)
oikeinkirjoitus kielioppi välimerkitys typografia auta [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]-hankkeessa
(fo) føroyskt stavseting mállæra
(fr) français correction [mineure]
(corrections [mineures])
orthographe grammaire ponctuation typographie Aidez-nous avec ([[m:Wikispelling|l’orthographe]] SVP.
(gl) galego corrección [menor]
(correccións [menores])
ortografía gramática puntuación tipografía Axuda coas correccións desde o proxecto [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]].
(ga) Gaeilge ceartúchán [beag]
(ceartúcháin [bheaga])
litriú gramadach poncaíocht clóghrafaíocht Cabhraigí le [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]], le bhur dtoil
(gv) Gaelg kiartaghey cairscreeu lioar ghrammeydys
punkaghey clougraafeeaght
(he) עברית תיקון [משני]
תיקונים [משניים]
כתיב דקדוק פיסוק טיפוגרפיה אנא סייעו ב-[[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]
(hi) हिन्दी [लघु] सुधार
([लघु] सुधार)
वर्तनी व्याकरण विराम चिह्न मुद्रण कला कृपया, [[m:Wikispelling|विकिवर्तनी]] के साथ सहायता करें।
(hr) hrvatski (manje) ispravke pravopis gramatika interpunkcija slovoslaganje
Molim, pomozite [[m:Wikispelling|projektu Wikipravopisa]]
(hu) magyar korrigálás
nyelvtan írásjelek tipográfia
Kérem segítsen a [[m:Wikispelling|Wiki projekt helyesírásánál]]
(hy) հայերեն [չնչին] ուղղում
([չնչին] ուղղումներ)
ուղղագրություն քերականություն կետադրություն գրատպություն խնդրում ենք օգնել [[m:Wikispelling|Վիքիուղղագրություն նախագծին]]
(ia) interlingua correction [parve]
(correctiones [parve])
orthographia grammatica punctuation typographia adjuta con [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]], per favor!
(id) Bahasa Indonesia koreksi ejaan tata bahasa tanda baca tipografi Bantulah kami dalam mengoreksi kesalahan [[m:Wikispelling|ejaan]] di Wikipedia!
(it) italiano [piccola] correzione
([piccole] correzioni)
ortografia grammatica punteggiatura tipografia
per favore, aiutateci con il [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]
(ja) 日本語 校正 綴り
文法 区切り タイポグラフィー [[m:Wikispelling|ウィキスペリング]]にご協力ください。
(ko) 한국어 교정 맞춤법 문법 구두점 활자인쇄 [[m:Wikispelling|위키맞춤법]]에 협력해주십시오.
(ksh) Ripoarisch en [kleijn] Fobäßerong
([kleijn] Fobäßeronge)
et Boochstavveere de Jrammatik de Zëijschesäzong de Typpojraffi Sidd_esu joot, dooht dem [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]] hellefe!
(ku) kurdî serastkirina biçûk rastnivîs rêziman tîpografî Ji [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]'ere alikarî bikin!
(la) Latina erratum correctum orthographia litteratura punctus typographica
(lb) Lëtzebuergesch
(jbo) la .lojban. cmalu dragau valsi dragau gerna dragau pandi dragau pe'u ko sidju fi la'o gy. [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]] gy.
(mk) mk [мала] исправка
([мали] исправки)
правопис граматика интерпункција типографија Ве молиме помогнете ни со проектот [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]
(ml) മലയാളം
(ms) Bahasa Melayu pembetulan [kecil] ejaan tatabahasa tanda baca tipografi Bantulah kami dalam membetulkan kesalahan [[m:Wikispelling|ejaan]] di Wikipedia!
(nds) Plattdüütsch
(nl) Nederlands [kleine] correctie
([kleine] correcties)
spelling grammatica interpunctie typografie Help alsjeblieft met [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]!
(nn) norsk nynorsk
(no) norsk [liten] korreksjon
[små] korreksjoner
rettskrivning grammatikk tegnsetting typografi hjelp [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]
(pl) polski [drobna] poprawka
([drobne] poprawki)
pisownia gramatyka interpunkcja typografia pomóż poprawiać: [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]
(pt) português correcção [menor]
(correções [menores])
ortografia gramática pontuação tipografia por favor, ajude em [[m:Wikispelling|Wikiortografia]]
(pt-br) português do Brasil correção [menor]
(correções [menores])
ortografia gramática pontuação tipografia por favor, ajude com a [[m:Wikispelling|Wikiortografia]]
(ro) română corectură ortografie gramatică punctuaţie tipografie
ajutǎ-ne la [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]], te rugǎm
(ru) русский [незначительное] исправление
[незначительные] исправления
орфография грамматика пунктуация типографика Пожалуйста, помогите проекту [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]
(scn) sicilianu [piccola] correzzioni
([piccoli] correzzioni)
ortugrafia grammatica puntigghiatura tipografia
per favori, aiutati-nui cun lu [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]
(sh) srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски ispravljanje ortografija
gramatika interpunkcijski
(sl) slovenščina manjša poprava
pravopis slovnica ločila tipografija Prosim, pomagajte [[m:Wikispelling|Wikipravopisu]]
(sq) shqip ortografi
hyrje në shkencë
(sv) svenska [liten] rättning
([små] rättningar)
stavning grammatik interpunktion typografi Hjälp till med [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]!
(th) ไทย แก้ไข[เล็กน้อย] การสะกดคำ ไวยากรณ์ เครื่องหมายวรรคตอน การเรียงพิมพ์ มาร่วมกันช่วย [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]
(tr) Türkçe [küçük] düzeltmeler yazım
dilbilgisi noktalama tipografi [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]'e yardım ediniz!
(tk) Türkmençe [ujypsyzja] düzedişler orfografiýa grammatika punktuasiýa tipografika [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]e hemaýat beriň!
(ur) اردو [معمولی] درستگی
([معمولی] درستگیاں)
صحتِ إملاء
قواعد صحتِ رموزِ أوقاف اندازِ طباعت براهِ مہربانی، [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]] میں مدد کیجئے۔
(uk) українська [незначне] виправлення
([незначні] виправлення)
правопис граматика пунктуація друкарські помилки будь ласка, допоможіть з [[m:Wikispelling|Вікіправописом]]
(vi) Tiếng Việt sửa chữa chính tả ngữ pháp đánh dấu chấm câu cách trình bày xin trợ giúp [[m:Wikispelling|Wikispelling]]
(wa) walon [pitit(s)] coridjaedje(s) ôrtografeye croejhete pontiaedje tipografeye Vos nos ploz aidî avou l' ([[m:Wikispelling|ôrtografeye]].
(zh) 中文 [小]修正 拼写 语法 标点 排版 请帮助完善[[m:Wikispelling|维基拼写]]

Frequent mistakes[edit]

Bad links[edit]

Some external links use redirection services such as tinyurl.com or minilien.com to shorten links. This serves no purpose and has a few drawbacks: it is impossible to know where the URL points to, and just adds a single point of failure in case the redirection service disappears.

Regexp for egrep’ing through the database:

  • Links to 0url.com
  • Links to 1tiny.com
  • Links to 6url.com
  • Links to babyurl.com
  • Links to goo.gl
    append .info or + to the short URL to display its public information page and to report spams (help)
  • Links to lin.kz
  • Links to link.toolbot.com
  • Links to linkezy.com
  • Links to linktrim.com
  • Links to makeashorterlink.com
  • Links to metamark.com
  • Links to minilien.com
    done (on en and fr) Sam Hocevar 26 Nov 2004 (UTC)
    checked fy and simple with database dump of December 9th, 2004: no errors. -- Sietse 10:48, 15 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  • Links to notlong.com
  • Links to qurl.net
  • Links to shorl.com
  • Links to shurl.org
  • Links to smcurl.com
  • Links to snipurl.com
  • Links to tinyclick.com
  • Links to tinylink.com
  • Links to tinyurl.com
    done (on en and fr) Sam Hocevar 26 Nov 2004 (UTC)
    checked fy and simple with database dump of December 9th, 2004: no errors. -- Sietse 10:48, 15 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  • Links to url.etusivu.net
  • Links to url123.com
  • Links to urlcut.com
  • Links to urljr.com
  • Links to v3.net

Misspelling of proper nouns[edit]

The correct spelling is between parentheses. Be careful: most of these errors are in the English language. It is possible that the incorrect spelling listed here is in fact the correct spelling in a specific language. Do not blindly replace, double check first! Also, when you update a checked entry, move it at the bottom of the list.



Product names and trademarks[edit]


Miscapitalisation of proper nouns[edit]

Unfortunately, these miscapitalisations cannot be easily found using Google.