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This page is a translated version of the page Wikipedia 15/Site/FAQ and the translation is 20% complete.
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From the moment we learn to speak, we ask questions.

Hvorfor er himlen blå?

Ever curious, we build telescopes to explore the stars, and submarines to visit the bottom of the ocean. We make art, music, poetry, and prose to explore our world. We crave knowing—the challenge of learning something impossible, or taking that knowledge and creating something never seen before. We delight in the achievement, the discovery, the spark of recognition.

Wikipedia was born from our need to know, learn, and share amazing things. It is created by people, for people. It belongs to each of us. And now 28% of the planet alive today have never known a world without Wikipedia.

We celebrate these 15 years by inviting you to share the joy and meaning Wikipedia holds for you.

Let’s celebrate the progress we’ve made: the knowledge we’ve shared, the community that has made this possible, the readers who learn here, and the joy created everyday on Wikipedia.

Viden er glæde.

What are these little drawings of people and places?

These drawing illustrate some of the millions of things you learn on Wikipedia.

In place of a single image to celebrate Wikipedia’s birthday, we want everything and everyone to join in. Who needs just one? Each image can be downloaded, reused, and remixed. Use them to tell your own stories or mark illustrate own projects. The images may have been created for Wikipedia 15, but there is no limit to how and when they are used.

Tag et kig på nogle flere billeder!

Kan jeg lave et?

Yes! Absolutely! Anyone can make a Wikipedia 15 image (‘mark’) to celebrate.

Just follow these guidelines.

How can I join Wikipedia 15 celebrations?

There are lots of ways to celebrate Wikipedia 15. You can share a message of support, attend an event, volunteer your time, join an edit-a-thon, or host an event of your own.

Find en måde du kan fejre på!

Can I get involved with Wikipedia?

We're happy you asked. We exist because of people like you volunteering their time, energy, and care.

And if that’s not specific enough for you, we’ve got a handy list of ways to join Wikipedia.