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Final report to the Wikimedia Foundation

Frank Schulenburg (Wikimedia Deutschland e. V., Events Committee Wikimedia Foundation)


(1) The project "Wikipedia Academy"

The concept "Wikipedia Academy" was developed in late summer of 2005 by Frank Schulenburg [1], a member of the German Wikipedia community. It is based on the idea, that the long term success of the Wikipedia is largely based on winning further qualified authors from the academic environment to collaborate in the free encyclopedia in addition to the experts still working at it.

With this aim in mind the German chapter of Wikimedia Foundation [2] held the first Wikipedia Academy worldwide in cooperation with the Göttingen State and University Library [2] after a nine month preparation phase. It took place on 16. and 17. June in Göttingen. Workshops and lectures for students and tutors were offered as introduction into the working techniques to create and enhance Wikipedia articles. In addition the event provided a basis for the critical debate about the question: "What changes are needed to enlist experts working at the Wikipedia".

(2) Co-operation partner

Wikimedia was able to win a prominent co-operation partner - the Göttingen State and University Library. The library is one of the biggest scientific libraries in Germany and was awarded as "Library of the Year" in 2002. The director of the library, Professor Dr. Dr. Elmar Mittler, is board member of the German Federation of Libraries and a strong pleader for Open Access in the scientific environment.

(3) Course of events at the first Wikipedia Academy

In the run-up to the Academy an exhibition with the title "Five years of Wikipedia - An encyclopedia conquer the Internet" took place in the foyer of the Göttingen State and University Library from 17. March to 15. April 2006 [4]. The aim of this presentation was to direct the press' intention to the venue also used for the Academy and to make contact to interested students and tutor on site. The flyer which was printed to promote the Academy [5] informed about the aims and programm of the event and contained an invitation to the opening of the exhibition.