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Wikipedia Asian Month/Common FAQ

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How do I know my contribution to Wikipedia Asian Month fits the theme of Asia?[edit]

  • Place/ location: Geographically in Asia/ Anywhere online.
  • Events: Geographically happen in Asia, events that have high influence on Asia history or culture.
  • Person/ group of people: whose life is centered around Asia and/or has great influence on Asia .
  • Objects and installations: Highly inspired by Asian culture. For example: Made/produced in Asia country, object that has great influence to Asia, design inspired by Asia culture.
  • Architecture/ buildings: Located geographically in Asia. Buildings outside Asia related to Asian cultural or Asian architects.
  • The definition of geographically Asia: Every country and continent that has once been recognized as Asia is part of Asia for WAM. See Boundaries between the continents as reference.

Format of contribution:[edit]

  • The international team accepts all kinds of contributions, including editing a list or the mainspace of a project.
  • Final audits are determined by each campaign jury and organizers.

Will my edit before November be counted from editing draft page or user subpage?[edit]

No. However, you can move the content from the draft page instead of moving the draft page.

Who can participate in Wikipedia Asian Month?[edit]

The project welcomes participants from all over the world to increase Wikipedia's coverage of Asia.

Can an IP user participate? Can users participate without having a registered Wikipedia account?[edit]

We strongly recommend that you register an account, which actually protects your privacy. Registration is simple and free.

Is my community participating this year? What if my community is not participating?[edit]

Take a look at the Join an Event page of the campaign year. Wikipedia Asian Month is organized in a federative manner, which means the organization depends on volunteers in each community. Enthusiastic local organizers get in contact with international team, create an event page in Wikipedia, and motivate the general public to participate.

My home Wikipedia is not on the participating list of this year, but the campaign already started? How can I participate?[edit]

You can start to run this event on your local Wikipedia any time before the end of November (you don't want to launch it in last few days in November though). You can find all resources on Meta. Or leave a message on talk page to get help.

Can I translate articles from other languages?[edit]

Yes. As long as these Asia-related articles are new to the Wikipedia for which you are translating them, they will count.

If I write a featured article, does it mean more points?[edit]

No. This is not an article competition. However, we do encourage you to write a better quality article.