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New Territories in modern context (in green)

New Territories was a part of Hong Kong comprised of the land between the current Boundary Street and Sham Chun River, as well as the outlying islands. China leased it to Britain since 1st July 1898, and it joined the previous British possessions of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon in April 1899 after a clash between the indigenous people and the British. At first, most of it is either rural or mountainous areas. But over 70 years, transport facilities like Kowloon-Canton Railway and Castle Peak Road came into existence, and economic developments started to take place. During the last 30 years of the lease, it saw rapid growth when the government developed nine new towns and compliment infrastructures to accommodate the population growth. It is transferred to China on 1st July 1997 along with other parts of Hong Kong. Now parts of the territory are absorbed into Kowloon, and other parts have become residential areas or even hubs for the creative industry.

To commemorate the 120th anniversary of the New Territories' development, the Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong is inviting Wikipedia Asian Month participants to write articles about the New Territories. Those who wrote the most articles about the New Territories on one of the Wikipedia versions except English, Chinese and Cantonese ones - unless being eligible for more than one - and finishes the event will receive gifts from the user group.

Contact Person: 春卷柯南


  • Submitted articles should be relevant to the New Territories in modern context.
  • Submitted articles should fulfill the criteria of the Wikipedia Asian Month on your language project.
  • The user group reserve rights to approve or reject articles in question and to interpret terms listed above.
  • Gifts are key chains with a plate using typefaces on minibus display boards and postcards - same as the ones sent by the User Group to other eligible WAM participants this year. Since the group's financial ability is limited, if there are more than 20 qualified editors for this event, priority is given to editors who wrote on Wikipedia versions with fewer articles.
  • This sub-contest is open until December 15, 2018

Article Recommendations[edit]

Reminder: the following articles are just suggestions. All articles relevant to the New Territories are accepted.


Geography and environment[edit]



Economy and Transport[edit]


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  1. hr:Novi Teritoriji (new article, +3k bytes)
  2. hr:Međunarodna zračna luka Hong Kong (new article, +3k bytes)
  3. hr:Lantau (new article, +3k bytes)


  1. be:Лантау (new article, +6k bytes)


  1. de:Castle Peak (Hongkong) (translated, 5.429 bytes)
  2. de:Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark (new article, 11.729 bytes)
  3. de:Kowloon Dairy (translated, 5.116 bytes)
  4. de:Cheung Chau (new article, 9.333 bytes)
  5. de:Busunglück bei Tai Po 2018 (planned)


  1. bn:নতুন অঞ্চল (new article, +300 words, +14k bytes)


  1. de:Islands District (2 Nov, ~6.7 kb)
  2. de:Konvention über die Erweiterung des Hongkonger Territoriums (1 Dec, ~8.5 kb)
  3. de:Tai Po District (6 Dec, ~5 kb)
  4. de:Sai Kung District (9 Dec., ~7 kb)