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Wikipedia Asian Month 2023

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Welcome to Wikipedia Asian Month 2023[edit]

What is Wikipedia Asian Month?[edit]

Wikipedia Asian Month (WAM) is an annual online campaign, running since 2015 by the Wikipedia Asian Month User Group, designed to boost Asian content on Wikipedia each November. This initiative extends beyond Asian communities, involving various language-specific Wikipedias and Wikimedia Foundation project websites. It also encourages local organizers to hold associated events. Wikipedians who create the most articles on each Wikipedia will be honored as "Wikipedia Asian Month Ambassadors". Where there are local partners, they can decide to organize (or not) judging and local prizes for their communities at their discretion.

How to Participate in the Wikipedia Asian Month 2023?[edit]

As an editor[edit]

  • Find the language edition of Wikipedia you would like to edit if they are participating.
  • Read the editing rules carefully.
  • Choose articles about themes and topics related to Asia, and start creating articles.
  • Sign up any time through the month of competition.

As an organizer[edit]

  • Recruit your local campaign organizing team, we recommend no more than 5 people.
  • Set up an event page run the contest on a local level within your language community, and add a link of your event to the "Registration and Participation" page.
  • Monitor online campaigns, and if capable, organize offline events.
  • Keep track of participants' progress through the Fountain Tool.

The editing rules and the auditing of eligible editors[edit]

  • The article is Geographically or Culturally centered around Asia/Asian. For more guidance about what is Asia/Asian article, please see the FAQ page.
  • To earn one point of eligible edit, you have to edit on/create an article of at least 3,000 bytes with reliable resources. Creating/editing a list also counts.
  • Once you earn 4 points, you are eligible to receive the WAM Barnstar of the year. Whether an edit is eligible for 1 point is audited by the jury of each language Wikipedia Campaign.

Submit Focus Theme of the Year[edit]

  • Asia/Asian is a very wide region! It has the biggest land in the world as well as maritime space that many islands are located. It is not easy to understand the multi-diversity of the natural scenes and cultural of this huge area. At Wikipedia Asian Month, we hope to select focus theme for each years campaign, and encourage participant to get to know more about one piece of this area. Please join and propose the theme you wish to introduce to the world the most!
Five Theme of the Year
Theme Military of Asia Science and Technology in Japan Settlement History and Biography in Middle East Hindu Temples Rainforest in South Asia
Description Asia has extensive military coverage, including past numorious military actions, the figures involved in those events, and military facilities such as buildings, ships, and aircraft constructed by various countries for military purposes. Japan's pursuit of high-end technology is well-known worldwide, nurturing many renowned scientists and inventors. Japanese technological products are also globally recognized for their high-quality and attention to design details. The Middle East region has historically overlapped with West Asia in boundary areas, including many countries such as the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and more. These countries contain countless settlement, and the history of these settlement and their figures deserves more attention. Hinduism is currently prevalent in India, Bangladesh, Bali, and other regions, leading to the construction of numerous Hindu temples. In other major international cities, such as New York City, there are also Hindu temples due to immigration. In the Odia Wikipedia, there are currently fewer articles about Hindu temples, and we invite editors to contribute and enrich articles about Hindu temples in different languages. Tropical rainforests are vital environmental resources on Earth. Their rich ecological environments serve as habitats for numerous species of flora and fauna. Human activities in these areas can either harm the rainforest or aim to restore it. Most of the rainforests in South Asia are distributed in the surrounding regions of Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Let's come together to focus on the conservation of South Asian rainforests!
Sample Article Japan_Self-Defense_Forces(en), Hai_Kun-class_submarine(en), Russian_conquest_of_Central_Asia(en) List_of_Japanese_Nobel_laureates_and_nominees (en), Arase_(satellite) (en), Ministry_of_Education,_Culture,_Sports,_Science_and_Technology(en) Shah_Alam_II(en), List_of_ancient_settlements_in_Turkey(en) Chandranath_Temple(en),Kal_Bhairab_Temple(en), Sugandha_Shaktipeeth(en) Bengal_tiger(en), Vandana_Shiva(en), Bantimurung–Bulusaraung_National_Park(en)

WAM Timetable[edit]

  • October 1st, 2023 : Publish International Campaign Page of the Year
  • October 5th to 25th, 2023 : Call for focus themes of WAM 2023.
  • Before 29 October, 2023: Complete Registration of Each language Wikipedia
  • November 1st, UTC 00:00 to December 31th, UTC 00:00, 2023: Running the Campaign. (Find your local campaign for the actual date)
  • January 1st to March 15th, 2024: Auditing of each language Wikipedia
  • March 30th, 2024: Deadline of reporting statistics and eligible editors to the International Team
  • April 1st to May 15th, 2024: The international team distributes Barnstars and Certificates to eligible editors of each event.

Organizer/Editor Tool Box[edit]

Tips for Organizers[edit]

Preparing Campaign[edit]

  • Recruit your local campaign organizing team, we recommend no more than 5 people.
  • Pick a start date for your campaign, count for 30 days as the end date. It should be a continuous 30 days from November 1st to December 31st. For example: November 1st to November 30th, November 15th to December 14th would be good campaign dates.
  • Set up a Wikipedia page for the local campaign in your language, and place the page link in the Registration list. You should provide a way to collect contributions of your editors and describe how will you collect them in your local campaign page.
  • Translate this page into your language.
  • If you discover there is already a local WAM campaign, contact your local campaign organizer, and ask if they need volunteers to help review/auditing articles.

Promoting Campaign[edit]

  • Engage local editors and aim for maximum participation.
  • Continue to call for participants to participate at the village pump, community bulletin board, mailing list, site notice, etc.

Auditing Articles[edit]

  • Depends on the tool you use for calculation. Auditing the edits from your participants. If a participant has edited more than 3,000 bytes with reliable reference, please add this editor in the Programs & Events Dashboard of your local program, and point those articles to this editor.

Reporting Result Statistic[edit]

  • (To Be Updated)

Tips for Editors[edit]

Preparing your participation[edit]

  • Fill out the focus themes form.
  • Find your local camping event page. If there is no event yet for your home Wikipedia, consider becoming an organizer.
  • Engage with your local community.

The Role of International Team[edit]

  • Set up the WAM main page.
  • Promoting and calling for an organizer for WAM.
  • Provide guidelines for how to participate and rules.
  • Assist with statistic calculation.
  • Sending digital rewards, the Barnstar for all eligible editors.
  • Contact : info(_AT_)asianmonth.org