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Wikipedia Diversity Observatory/Strategic discussions

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Strategic discussions[edit]

The Diversity Observatory also aims at raising debates on the different types of diversity. You can always contact us and engage in discussions. We believe the Wikimedia movement needs more discussions on diversity in order to encourage the necessary changes to become more inclusive and improve content coverage.

Final 2030 Recommendations and Movement Goals[edit]

Growing larger and more diverse communities as well as covering more diverse topics is an integral part of the final 2030 Movement Strategy recommendations. We list here some goals that the movement should address.

  • Every Wikipedia language community is aware of their own state of internal diversity on a regular basis (strategy rec. 10).
  • Every Wikipedia language community engages in activities aimed at improving communication and include newcomers of all types (strategy rec. 2).
  • Every Wikipedia language community engages in processes to self-upgrade its technological interface to include more diversity of profiles (strategy rec. 2).
  • Every Wikipedia language community engages bans conflict and follows a code of conduct in order to regulate interactions and create a good atmosphere that allows diversity to flourish (strategy rec. 3).
  • Every Movement Affiliate organizes activities, events and contests to fight for more diversity in both the community and in the projects’ content (strategy 2, 3, 8, 9, 10).
  • Every Movement Affiliate identifies the topics from their context that relate to underrepresented groups and establish partnerships to bridge them (strategy rec. 8).
  • Every Wikipedian knows the notability and sources limitations of underrepresented groups related knowledge and finds a way to contribute to it in a Wikimedia project (strategy rec. 9)
  • Every Wikipedian is able to contribute content to our projects (e.g. text, audio, visual, video, geospatial, etc.) (strategy rec. 9).

Diversity Working Group Recommendations[edit]

Some Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy process discussions in the Diversity Working group are directed at improving diversity on content and in the current communities.These are some of the recommendations that are related to the project: