Wikipedia Igbo Women Edit-a-thon/Abuja/Meetup June 2017

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The essence of the Wikipedia Igbo Women Edit-a-thon Project is to improve the presence of notable Igbo women on Wikipedia Igbo Language platform by translations and creating new pages all in Igbo language.


  • Date: Saturday 01, July 2017
  • Venue: Bantu Studio. 14 Fez Street, Off Kumasi Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria
  • Time: 2pm-6pm
  • Landmarks and Directions: Bantu Studio is located in Fez Street, Off Kumasi Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja. Take the right turn beside Domino Pizza/Coldstone Creamery and drive down the street. Fez Street will be a left turn with the signpost indicating the street. Wakkis Restaurant is also a great Landmark description.


  • Meet and Greet - All
  • Wikimedia and You - Blossom Ozurumba
  • ABC of Wikipedia Editing - Blossom Ozurumba
  • Wikipedia Igbo Women Edit-a-thon and Translate-a-thon (Session 1) - All
  • Getting a project grant from Wikimedia Foundation - Blossom Ozurumba
  • Wikipedia Igbo Women Edit-a-thon and Translate-a-thon (Session 2) - All
  • Photos and moments - All
  • Meals and moments - All
  • Each one bring one for the next #IgboWomenWiki meet-up - All

Important Note[edit]

Remember: It is a bring your laptop event. There will be free internet, lots of food, drink and water and best of all, great candid photography moments. If you wish to come with someone, kindly add them to the Telegram Group


Pages Edited[edit]

  1. Flora Nwapa Edited by Blossom Ozurumba
  2. Nnedi Okorafor Edited by Ojinika Mba-Kalu
  3. Chika Unigwe Edited by Jennifer Kwentoh Chiazor
  4. Chioma Ajunwa Edited by Uzoma Ozurumba
  5. Emily Nkanga Edited by Blossom Ozurumba
  6. Ijeoma Umebinyuo Edited by Blossom Ozurumba
  7. Uzo Aduba Edited by Tochi Precious

Lesson Learnt[edit]

  • IP Limitations was a huge challenge and the below suggestions has been offered courtesy of Spiritia.
  1. Participants will be encouraged to create their Wiki accounts before the event date using their personal data access.
  2. Shared hotspots provided by participants where applicable.\

Note: Alex Wang (WMF) kindly pointed me to Learning patterns/Six-account limit and we believe that subsequent events will be sorted out.

  • Communication prior to the event was vague and resulted in men assuming that it was a women only event.
  1. Clear and concise communication for subsequent events.
  2. Attendee testimonials from all gender to communicate that the event is not limited to just women.