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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos 2023/Communication

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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos 2023

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Main social media[edit]

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Social media tips[edit]

It's interesting to join the WPWPCampaign this year to improve the quality of Wikipedia articles with quality photos and we are happy that you will be sharing this campaign on social media platforms. We have an international communication team but we count on your support to make it more fun and exciting.

Here are a few tips on how to bring the attention of this campaign to the world.

Share our post

Feel free to share your post on our social platform (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). If you have any success story to share during this campaign, please feel free to share and we are happy to provide supports.

Engage your post

There are several ways to engage your post and make it interesting and fun. The most common ways to engage your post includes

  • Adding the hashtag #WPWP at the end of every post
  • Comment on the post
  • Tag your friends, organizations and other WPWPCampaign participants
  • Share your post on your personal timeline and the timeline of your friends
  • Respond to questions timely
Make your own post

You may wish to promote your local events including edit-a-thon on social media. The tips below would be very useful in achieving a good result.

  1. Include the hashtag #WPWP on all your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  2. The short-link to the WPWP 2023 Homepage is https://w.wiki/6uwQ photographs and link to the article and photograph you post on Social Media
  3. Ensure it's a high-quality photo
  4. When posting about a local event, please add the location or country where the event is taking place in your post
  5. Provide a piece of brief information on what your event is about
  6. Share any metric you found relevant. For example, the number of Wikipedia articles you have improved with images.

WPWP Promotion Materials[edit]

WPWP Campaign will run for the first time. It will run from 1st July 2023 - 31st August 2023. We have designed some materials for promotion on social media and they are freely available for use by local organizers and other participants