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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos 2023/Erőforrások

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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos 2023

Kezdőlap Résztvevő országok Szervező csapat Részvétel Eredmények Erőforrások GYIK


Segédlet ahhoz, hogyan használhatod a PetScant olyan cikkek keresésére, amelyekben nincsenek képek

A Petscan segítségével olyan cikkeket kereshetsz, melyek nem tartalmaznak fényképeket az általad választott nyelven. Az alábbiakban kiemeljük a lépéseket:

  1. Keresd fel a http://petscan.wmflabs.org
  2. From Categories tab, you can select your language code (ar, en, sk for example)
  3. Select articles category in this language Wiki. For example the category "Monuments and Memorials in Lagos" on en:wiki
  4. Click on the "Page Property" tab, then select "Lead image=No".
  5. Click on do it.

Once this is done, the list of articles in that category with no photos would be generated. Then go to Wikimedia Commons to search for corresponding images with the article title.

Photography contests

You can find the photos uploaded as part of Wikipedia's major annual photography contests here (with themes for Africa):

  1. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2014 - "Cuisine"
  2. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2015 - "Cultural Fashion and Adornment"
  3. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2016 - "Music and Dance"
  4. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2017 - "People at Work"
  5. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2019 - "Play!"
  6. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2020 - "Africa on the Move"
  7. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2021 - "Health and wellness"
  8. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2022 - "Home and Habitat"
  9. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2023 - "Climate and Weather"
  10. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2010
  11. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2011
  12. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2012
  13. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2013
  14. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2014
  15. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2015
  16. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2016
  17. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2017
  18. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2018
  19. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2019
  20. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2020
  21. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2021
  22. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2022
  23. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2013
  24. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2014
  25. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2015
  26. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2016
  27. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2017
  28. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2018
  29. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2019
  30. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2020
  31. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2021
  32. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2022
  33. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2023
  34. c:Category:Wiki Loves Heritage Belgium in 2021
  35. c:Category:Wiki Loves Heritage Belgium in 2020
  36. c:Category:Wiki Loves Heritage Belgium in 2019
  37. c:Category:Wiki Loves Heritage Belgium in 2018
  38. c:Category:Wiki Loves Public Space 2017 in Belgium
  39. c:Category:Wiki Loves Art Belgium in 2016
  40. HELP campaign
  41. European Science Photo Competition 2015
  42. Wiki Science Competition 2017
  43. Wiki Science Competition 2019
  44. c:Category:Images from Wiki Loves Love 2019
  45. c:Category:Images from Wiki Loves Folklore 2020
  46. c:Category:Images from Wiki Loves Folklore 2021
  47. c:Category:Images from Wiki Loves Folklore 2022


You can find the photos uploaded as part of photowalks here

  1. Photowalks category
  2. Wikiexpeditions category

Image donations on Commons

  1. Biblioteca Nacional Aruba upload 2020-04
  2. Photographs by Willem van de Poll in the Netherlands Antilles
  3. Fotografisch materiaal voor Wiki goes Caribbean uit het Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen

Wikipedia articles needing images

In these categories, see the sidebar under Languages for links to articles needing images in your home Wikipedia

  1. Category:Wikipedia requested photographs
  2. Category:Wikipedia requested photographs by location
  3. Category:Wikipedia requested images
  4. Wikipedia:Verzoek om afbeeldingen
  5. Categorie:Wikipedia:Afbeelding gewenst

This page contains categories of pages identified as needing photographs. For the English Wikipedia, a list of these pages ordered by importance/popularity can be obtained using WMFLabs' MassViews tool. (Allow a few minutes to load, due to the size of the list.)

Identifying Wikipedia articles needing images

You can provide a link to articles or category of articles needing images in your home Wikipedia

Using request categories

Combining categories with other sources of data to find articles that need images

You can combine other characteristics about articles into search results to get more interesting and limited.

Searching for articles with .jpg, .tiff, or .gif in the text

You can search through your Wikipedia for articles

You can modify this search for specific categories using the search interface

Combining search with Petscan

Or if you are interested in other kinds of intersections, you can produce similar data from combining categories, Wikidata or search results on Petscan.

Suggestion of image insertion of an article based on its presence on the equivalent article of another language wikipedia

Aka, redlist for images, using Glamify tool.

Many "red" lists have been created for Wiki Loves Africa.



WD4WP is a new tool developed for the WPWP has an index of articles with missing images in certain languages.

Rules on usage;

  1. Before inserting a file from wd4wp, check if it is pertinent, appropriate and of sufficient quality for the article.
  2. Check if somebody else has already inserted it.
  3. Check if somebody else has inserted it previously but was reverted.
  4. Check if some other, similar or better image is already in the article.
  5. In particular, do not use the first few pages of the suggestion list. By now, the first 200 or so entries contain virtually nothing but false positives – images that have been inserted in those pages multiple times by multiple participants of the contest, but have all been reverted as inappropriate.
  6. Participants who continue to blindly reinsert these risk being blocked for edit-warring.


The WDFIST tool allows to assign images to Wikdata items.

Any Wikidata item that is used in an Infobox can possibly automatically show the image, depending on the language infobox logic.

File Candidates

FileCandidates has pre-compiled lists of potential images on Commons (as well as free images on Flickr that can be transferred to Commons) for Wikidata items. A Commons image found for a Wikidata item can then be used on the corresponding Wikipedia article.


WikiShootMe shows Wikidata items, marked as with and without image, Wikipedia articles, Commons images, and others on a map. Ideal if you are physically in a location and want to see what objects around you need an image on Wikipedia and Wikidata.


További erőforrások

  • CC Search (free-licensed images search engine from Creative Commons)