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Wikipedia til månen/Arbejde

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This page is a translated version of the page Wikipedia to the Moon/Working and the translation is 17% complete.
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Welcome to the coordination page for Phase 3 of Wikipedia to the Moon. This phase was preceded by Phase 1: community discussion, and Phase 2: voting of the most popular solution to the challenge of collecting content from almost 300 Wikipedias.

The community decision is to select all featured articles and all featured lists, and thus this is the focus of Phase 3. It is open until 31 October 2016, to guarantee sufficient time for Wikipedia editors from any language community to work on featured content. Please find your own language in the table below, and help to include Wikipedia content on the data disc for the Moon!


For your information: Featured Content

== ===

What is “featured”, anyway?


Many language versions of Wikipedia use the featured content label to highlight very good content. It can be awarded to articles, lists or images, for example. However, the definition of featured content varies, see e.g. the description on English Wikipedia. Other language communities have different definitions, while more than 130 Wikipedias do not seem to have featured content at all.

Wikipedia to the Moon is about reflecting the sum of all knowledge, including the diversity of Wikipedia. Please help to prepare featured content from your language community, even if there is no “featured” label in place!


Data size of featured articles and lists


As of June 30, 2016, excluding image files or other media:

featured articles: roughly 1.8 GB of wikitext (25,272 articles from 155 Wikis)

featured lists: roughly 0.28 GB of wikitext (5,655 lists from 40 Wikis)

For an overview see the table below. The above stats suggest that there is enough room for additional content from Wikipedias without a “featured content system”. If images were included, the data size would increase considerably. We are currently researching the exact size, which will take some time. Data will be updated as soon as possible.


Work station


Sidst men ikke mindst, del din erfaring:

This user has contributed to Wikipedia to the Moon.

Please keep everybody else working on Wikipedia to the Moon updated about what you are doing by posting on the Talk Page. By letting others know what you are doing, you might inspire others or help develop new ideas.

We have also created a userbox for everyone who contributes to Wikipedia to the Moon. Please feel free to share and post the userbox on your profiles if you have contributed to this project in any way.

Language code

(ISO 639)

Language Featured Articles

Overview Page?

Meta List of

Featured Articles

# of Featured


Featured Lists

Overview Page?

Meta List of

Featured Lists

# of Featured Lists Space on disc

without images (in GB)

ab Abkhazian
ace Acehnese acewiki 1
ady Adyghe Yes adywiki 3
af Afrikaans Yes afwiki 336
sq Albanian Yes sqwiki 18
als Alemannic Yes alswiki 27
am Amharic Yes amwiki 7
ang Anglo-Saxon Yes angwiki 0
ar Arabic Yes arwiki 556 Yes arwiki 89
an Aragonese Yes anwiki 19
arc Aramaic
hy Armenian Yes hywiki 39 Yes 3
roa-rup Aromanian
frp Arpitan
as Assamese Yes aswiki 8; Now 11
ast Asturian Yes astwiki 66
av Avar Yes avwiki 8 Yes 1
ay Aymara
az Azeri Yes azwiki 158 Yes 28
azb South Azeri Yes azbwiki 5
bm Bambara
bjn Banjar bjnwiki 2
map-bms Banyumasan map_bmswiki 7
ba Bashkir Yes bawiki 90 Yes 1
eu Basque Yes euwiki 283
bar Bavarian barwiki 79
be Belarusian Yes bewiki 66 Yes 27
be-tarask Belarusian (Taraškievica) Yes be_x_oldwiki 34
bn Bengali Yes bnwiki 10 Yes bnwiki 1
bh Bihari Yes bhwiki 0
bpy Bishnupriya Manipuri
bs Bosnian Yes bswiki 121
br Breton Yes brwiki 2
bg Bulgarian Yes bgwiki 169
my Burmese
bxr Buryat bxrwiki 1
zh-yue Cantonese Yes zh_yuewiki 45 Yes 0
csb Cassubian
ca Catalan Yes cawiki 751
ceb Cebuano Yes cebwiki 33
bcl Central Bicolano
cbk-zam Chavacano
ce Chechen Yes cewiki 6 Yes 1
chr Cherokee
chy Cheyenne
zh Chinese Yes zhwiki 623 Yes 106
cv Chuvash Yes cvwiki 10
zh-classical Classical Chinese Yes zh_classicalwiki 9
kw Cornish
co Corsican
crh Crimean Tatar Yes crhwiki 4
hr Croatian Yes hrwiki 584
cs Czech Yes cswiki 153
da Danish Yes dawiki 23 Yes dawiki 7
dv Divehi dvwiki 20
nl Dutch Yes nlwiki 343
nds-nl Dutch Low Saxon Yes nds_nlwiki 31
dz Dzongkha
mhr Eastern Mari Yes mhrwiki 3
arz Egyptian Arabic Yes arzwiki 19
eml Emilian-Romagnol
en English Yes enwiki 4846 Yes enwiki 3024
myv Erzya Yes myvwiki 3
eo Esperanto Yes eowiki 276
et Estonian Yes etwiki 2
ext Extremaduran extwiki 9
fo Faroese fowiki 53
hif Fiji Hindi
fi Finnish Yes fiwiki 302 Yes 14
fr French Yes frwiki 1549 Yes 0
fy Frisian Yes fywiki 9
fur Friulian
gl Galician Yes glwiki 87
gan Gan Yes ganwiki 9
lg Ganda
ka Georgian Yes kawiki 196
de German Yes dewiki 2449 Yes dewiki 539
gom Goan Konkani
got Gothic Yes gotwiki 1
el Greek Yes elwiki 131
kl Greenlandic Yes klwiki 0
gn Guarani
gu Gujarati guwiki 9
ht Haitian
hak Hakka Yes hakwiki 14
ha Hausa
he Hebrew Yes hewiki 675
hi Hindi Yes hiwiki 33 Yes 4
hu Hungarian Yes huwiki 915 Yes 0
is Icelandic Yes iswiki 9
io Ido Yes iowiki 4
ig Igbo
ilo Ilocano
id Indonesian Yes idwiki 335 Yes idwiki 64
ia Interlingua Yes iawiki 3
ie Interlingue
iu Inuktitut Yes iuwiki 0
ik Inupiak
ga Irish gawiki 2
it Italian Yes itwiki 550
jam Jamaican Yes jamwiki 2
ja Japanese Yes jawiki 80 Yes jawiki 15
jv Javanese Yes jvwiki 25
kbd Kabardian Yes kbdwiki 1
kab Kabyle
xal Kalmyk Yes xalwiki 1
kn Kannada Yes knwiki 14
pam Kapampangan pamwiki 57
krc Karachay-Balkar Yes krcwiki 9
kaa Karakalpak
kk Kazakh Yes kkwiki 21 Yes 0
km Khmer Yes kmwiki 23
rw Kinyarwanda
kv Komi Yes kvwiki 2
koi Komi-Permyak Yes koiwiki 2
kg Kongo
ko Korean Yes kowiki 91 Yes 9
ku Kurdish kuwiki 5
ky Kyrghyz Yes kywiki 9
lad Ladino Yes ladwiki 0
lbe Lak Yes lbewiki 1 Yes lbewiki 1
lo Laotian Yes lowiki 8
ltg Latgalian Yes ltgwiki 5
la Latin Yes lawiki 133
lv Latvian Yes lvwiki 50 Yes lvwiki 19
lez Lezgian Yes lezwiki 4 Yes 1
lij Ligurian
li Limburgian Yes liwiki 32
ln Lingala
lt Lithuanian Yes ltwiki 13
olo Livvi-Karelian Yes olowiki 1 Yes olowiki 1
jbo Lojban
lmo Lombard Yes lmowiki 28
nds Low Saxon ndswiki
dsb Lower Sorbian
lb Luxembourgish
mk Macedonian mkwiki 280
mai Maithili maiwiki 18
mg Malagasy
ms Malay Yes mswiki 172
ml Malayalam Yes mlwiki 152
mt Maltese Yes mtwiki 9
gv Manx Yes gvwiki 17
mi Maori
mr Marathi Yes mrwiki 51
mzn Mazanderani Yes mznwiki 20
cdo Min Dong Yes cdowiki 14
zh-min-nan Min Nan
min Minangkabau Yes minwiki 15
xmf Mingrelian xmfwiki 1
mwl Mirandese Yes mwlwiki 3
mdf Moksha Yes mdfwiki 15
mn Mongolian Yes mnwiki 106
nah Nahuatl Yes nahwiki 5
na Nauruan
nv Navajo Yes nvwiki 3
nap Neapolitan Yes napwiki 17
new Nepal Bhasa newwiki 2
ne Nepali newiki 48
pih Norfolk
nrm Norman
frr North Frisian Yes frrwiki 4 Yes 1
lrc Luri lrcwiki 1
se Northern Sami sewiki 7 Yes 6
nso Northern Sotho
no Norwegian (Bokmål) Yes nowiki 267 Yes nowiki 169
nov Novial
nn Norwegian (Nynorsk) Yes nnwiki 44
oc Occitan Yes ocwiki 13
cu Old Church Slavonic
or Oriya Yes orwiki 46
om Oromo omwiki 7
os Ossetic Yes oswiki 8
pag Pangasinan
pap Papiamentu
ps Pashto Yes pswiki 6
pdc Pennsylvania German
fa Persian Yes fawiki 125 Yes 15
pcd Picard
pms Piedmontese
pl Polish Yes plwiki 688 Yes plwiki 189
pnt Pontic Yes pntwiki 7
pt Portuguese Yes ptwiki 887 Yes ptwiki 412
pa Punjabi pawiki 1
qu Quechua Yes quwiki 8
ksh Ripuarian Yes kshwiki 0
rmy Romani
ro Romanian Yes rowiki 172 Yes rowiki 65
rm Romansh
ru Russian Yes ruwiki 941 Yes 753
rue Rusyn
sah Sakha Yes sahwiki 2
sm Samoan
bat-smg Samogitian Yes bat_smgwiki 4
sa Sanskrit Yes sawiki 4
sc Sardinian
stq Saterland Frisian Yes stqwiki 10
sco Scots Yes scowiki 24
gd Scots Gaelic
sr Serbian Yes srwiki 196
sh Serbo-Croatian Yes shwiki 196
tn Setswana tnwiki 6
sn Shona
scn Sicilian Yes scnwiki 140
szl Silesian Yes szlwiki 2
simple Simple English Yes simplewiki 33
sd Sindhi
si Sinhala Yes siwiki 29
sk Slovak Yes skwiki 74
sl Slovenian Yes slwiki 301
so Somali Yes 0
ckb Sorani ckbwiki 11
es Spanish Yes eswiki 1117
srn Sranan srnwiki 10
su Sundanese Yes suwiki 20
sw Swahili swwiki 23
sv Swedish Yes svwiki 357 Yes svwiki 43
tl Tagalog Yes tlwiki 26
ty Tahitian
tg Tajik tgwiki 1
ta Tamil Yes tawiki 11
roa-tara Tarantino
tt Tatar Yes (cyrillic), Yes (latin) ttwiki 80 Yes (cyrillic), Yes (latin) ttwiki 21
te Telugu Yes tewiki 33
tet Tetum
th Thai Yes thwiki 133
bo Tibetan bowiki 2
ti Tigrinya
tpi Tok Pisin
to Tongan
ts Tsonga
tr Turkish Yes trwiki 184 Yes 138
tk Turkmen
tyv Tuvan Yes tyvwiki 9
udm Udmurt Yes udmwiki 2
uk Ukrainian Yes ukwiki 217 Yes ukwiki 123
hsb Upper Sorbian Yes hsbwiki 0
ur Urdu Yes urwiki 61 Yes 4
ug Uyghur
uz Uzbek Yes uzwiki 12
vec Venetian Yes vecwiki 9
vep Vepsian Yes vepwiki 3
vi Vietnamese Yes viwiki 339 Yes 55
vo Volapük Yes vowiki 15
fiu-vro Voro
wa Walloon Yes wawiki 10
war Waray-Waray
cy Welsh Yes cywiki 2
vls West Flemish Yes vlswiki 54
mrj Western Mari Yes mrjwiki 3
pnb Western Panjabi Yes pnbwiki 0
wo Wolof
wuu Wu wuuwiki 2
xh Xhosa
yi Yiddish Yes yiwiki 12
yo Yoruba Yes yowiki 8
diq Zazaki diqwiki 2
zea Zealandic Yes zeawiki 7
za Zhuang
zu Zulu