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Wikipedian in residence at DARM, GLAM Macedonia, Diary

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GLAM Macedonia is sending user GjorgjiP as Wikipedian in Residence in The Archives of Republic of Macedonia (DARM).

View the usage of the uploaded files with those tools: GLAMorous tool and GLAMorgan.

This page will serve as a diary for WiR's work. All uploaded files are in this category: Wikipedian_in_Residence_at_DARM_2017

24 November 2017[edit]

  • I organized successful edit-a-thon with GLAM Macedonia members and DARM employees. As result: 11 new articles were created and 6 Wikipedians participated.
  • On outreach

16 November 2017[edit]

  • With the help of GLAM Macedonia members, DARM Challenge 3 is open.
  • According to the guidelines from the GLAM Macedonia Board, I gave some of the scanned materials to volunteers for uploading on Commons.

9 November 2017[edit]

  • Looking for books and materials with the help of historians who are employees in the Archives.

1 November 2017[edit]

  • I spent this days organizing the next Wiki Tour in the Archives.

26 October 2017[edit]

  • Working with other Wikipedians in order to find out gap in the themes, for next edit-a-thon.

16 October 2017[edit]

  • Uploaded: 234 files

2 October 2017[edit]

Wiki Tour in the Archives, Skopje department
Wiki Club members, Coordinator of education of GLAM Macedonia and DARM employees

Wiki Tour for Wiki Club members was held successfully on October 10, 2017.

25 September 2017[edit]

  • Note: I had a problem with the program to create PDF files. With a little help of GLAM Macedonia members, the problem is solved.
  • Uploaded 203 files.

18 September 2017[edit]

I had several meetings with the officials in DARM in order to organize Wiki Tour for Wiki Club members. Everything is set, we need to determine the date only.

9 September 2017[edit]

  • Uploaded 162 files, or 261 pages in total.

21 August 2017[edit]

  • Workshop with several Archive employees, three new users are registered: Bibate, Lovely.mk, Froki155.
  • As it was planned the edit-a-thon was held with employees and GLAM Macedonia members.
  • participants - 6
  • created articles - 10

7 August 2017[edit]

  • Uploaded 160 files in total.

31 July 2017[edit]

  • Preparing materials for upcoming edit-a-thon planed to hold at the end of August, with the employees and GLAM Macedonia members.

24 July 2017[edit]

  • I had a technical problem with the scanner. Took me several days to fix it.

17 July 2017[edit]

  • Digging materials in the Archive, trying to find content gap to add on Wikipedia and Commons.

10 July 2017[edit]

Workshop about commons with employees of DARM
  • I held workshop for employees about how to upload photos on commons. The most difficult part in the workshop was categorizing the photos.
  • Uploaded: 132 files in total

3 July 2017[edit]

  • I was not able to hold edit-a-thon because of changes of management and employees had another activities, about their daily duties.

26 June 2017[edit]

  • Uploaded: 68 files in total
  • I discussed with employees about finding place and for our first edit-a-thon and what theme should be worked.
working day at DARM

19 June 2017[edit]

  • Uploaded: 40 files in total

12 June 2017[edit]

  • Started with digitization of documents.
  • I spent time with employees who are already introduced to Wikipedia, in order to organize them for the first edit-a-thon.

9 June 2017[edit]

  • The first day as a Wikipedian in Residence at DARM I made a plan of work with employees who will help in my work.