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A visually attractive Main Page of any language's Wikipedia can be achieved by using high quality multimedia, as well as their dynamic renewal. Multimedia of the Day-category images selected by the eponymous project @ Wikimedia Commons are a wonderful content to show-case.

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WLR language communities[edit]

Created in the framework of the project[edit]

To be created[edit]


To have a dynamic Multimedia-of-the-day rotation system, each language section of Wikipedia should have:

  1. analogue of vep:Template:Päivän multimedia and its sub-templates (pages)
  2. analogue of vep:Vikipedii:Päivän multimedia (project page bringing together many templates)
  3. Motd-template (or alternative picture renewal mechanism) added to its Main Page
  4. volunteer(s) adding image subtemplates, and whenever possible, translating the image label into the local language


  1. vep:Template:Motd/Month
    1. vep:Template:Motd/CurrentMonth
    2. vep:Template:Motd/NextMonth
  2. vep:Template:Motd/Months
    1. ...
    2. vep:Template:Motd/2018-04
      1. vep:Template:Motd/2018-05
      2. ...
  3. vep:Template:Motd/Day
    1. Motd image sub-templates for specific days
      1. vep:Template:Motd/2018-05-01
      2. vep:Template:Motd/2018-05-02
      3. ...
    2. Motd labels for specific images
      1. vep:Template:Motd/2018-05-01 (vep)
      2. vep:Template:Motd/2018-05-02 (vep)
    3. ...

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