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Список доставки / Delivery list

Первоначальный список доставки данного информационного бюллетеня сформирован вручную на базе публичных данных, доступных через Wikipedias in the languages of Russia/Tables, однако он открыт для вступления всех желающих. Чтобы получать данный ежемесячный бюллетень на страницу в вашем личном пространстве или на один из форумов (одну из досок объявлений) вашего раздела, пожалуйста, добавьте соответствующие данные в разделы ниже. Для того, чтобы отписаться, просто удалите их из списка.

Original delivery list for this newsletter is generated manually from publicly available data accumulated in and accessible through Wikipedias in the languages of Russia/Tables, but anyone is welcome to join in. To receive this monthly bulletin into your personal talk page or that of one of the community pages in your language edition, please use the following syntax to add delivery target address in the subsections below. To unsubscribe, just remove it from the list.

Need to learn using MassMessage to automate delivery.

Образец текста для копирования в подразделы разделы ниже / Sample text for copying into the sub-sections below

# {{target | page = User talk:Frhdkazan | site =}} или / or
# {{Target | page = Wikipedia talk:Җәмгыять үзәге | site =}}

Персональные страницы/ Personal pages[edit]

Администраторы / Admins[edit]

  1. User talk:AlnashPiyash [at] /udm
  2. User talk:Amikeco [at] /os
  3. User talk:Aslan4ik [at] /lez
  4. User talk:Calmouk [at] /xal
  5. User talk:Chavash [at] /cv
  6. User talk:Comp1089 [at] /ba
  7. User talk:Denis [at] /udm
  8. User talk:Derslek [at] /tt
  9. User talk:Don Alessandro [at] /crh
  10. User talk:Elvonudinium [at] /bxr
  11. User talk:Ernác [at] /krc
  12. User talk:Erzianj jurnalist [at] /myv
  13. User talk:HalanTul [at] /sah
  14. User talk:Huuchin [at] /xal
  15. User talk:Jarmanj Turtash [at] /mdf
  16. User talk:Kaganer [at] /wmru
  17. User talk:Kyraha [at] /sah
  18. User talk:Marat Vildanov [at] /tt
  19. User talk:Marat-avgust [at] /tt
  20. User talk:Master Shadow [at] /kbd
  21. User talk:Migraghvi [at] /lez
  22. User talk:Mugerganets [at] /lez
  23. User talk:Numulunj pilgae [at] /mdf
  24. User talk:Rueter [at] /myv
  25. User talk:Ryanag [at] /ba
  26. User talk:Sihlaine [at] /vep
  27. User talk:Soul Train [at] /lez
  28. User talk:Taamu [at] /os
  29. User talk:User from Dag [at] /lez
  30. User talk:Viktor [at] /cv
  31. User talk:Аль-Гимравий [at] /av
  32. User talk:Ардах18 [at] /ba
  33. User talk:Дагиров Умар [at] /ce
  34. User talk:Злобин П.С. [at] /udm
  35. User talk:Регион102 [at] /ba
  36. User talk:Рөстәм Нурыев [at] /ba
  37. User talk:Саган [at] /ba
  38. User talk:Сура [at] /myv

Активные участники / Active Users[edit]

  1. User talk:102RB [at]
  2. User talk:8 һанлы "Халыҡтар дуҫлығы" китапханаһы [at]
  3. User talk:Adamsa123 [at]
  4. User talk:Adavyd [at]
  5. User talk:Agilight [at]
  6. User talk:Alan [at]
  7. User talk:Alania00015 [at]
  8. User talk:Alfiya55 [at]
  9. User talk:Alpfa [at]
  10. User talk:Anagoria [at]
  11. User talk:Andreevart [at]
  12. User talk:Ayratayrat [at]
  13. User talk:A.Khamidullin [at]
  14. User talk:Bedynokue.nart [at]
  15. User talk:Bogdanov-62 [at]
  16. User talk:CesarNS1980 [at]
  17. User talk:Chuvash2014 [at]
  18. User talk:Damyrak Riverman [at]
  19. User talk:Dimant [at]
  20. User talk:Egerman [at]
  21. User talk:Ellodanis5 [at]
  22. User talk:Frhdkazan [at]
  23. User talk:Gazimagomedov [at]
  24. User talk:Ghiutun [at]
  25. User talk:Gnosis [at]
  26. User talk:Great Brightstar [at]
  27. User talk:Hbakko [at]
  28. User talk:He7d3r [at]
  29. User talk:Helgi-S [at]
  30. User talk:Infinite0694 [at]
  31. User talk:IslamSh [at]
  32. User talk:Jaqeli [at]
  33. User talk:Jerzyjan1 [at]
  34. User talk:Jfblanc [at]
  35. User talk:Jimran [at]
  36. User talk:Jugydmort [at]
  37. User talk:Kaftaj [at]
  38. User talk:Kaiyr [at]
  39. User talk:Kaliya31 [at]
  40. User talk:Khiruge [at]
  41. User talk:Kitap [at]
  42. User talk:Kmoksy [at]
  43. User talk:Koiravva [at]
  44. User talk:Kokrek [at]
  45. User talk:Lakec0555 [at]
  46. User talk:Lizalizaufa [at]
  47. User talk:MalTsilna [at]
  48. User talk:Masssly [at]
  49. User talk:Mathonius [at]
  50. User talk:Milli [at]
  51. User talk:Mongush Salim [at]
  52. User talk:Moqa Kardinal [at]
  53. User talk:MORATSOLTAN [at]
  54. User talk:Nemgus [at]
  55. User talk:Nigmont [at]
  56. User talk:NRG [at]
  57. User talk:PjotrMahh1 [at]
  58. User talk:Pomozdino [at]
  59. User talk:Rartat [at]
  60. User talk:Rei Momo [at]
  61. User talk:RosaM24 [at]
  62. User talk:Sebranik [at]
  63. User talk:Shadowxfox [at]
  64. User talk:Simba16 [at]
  65. User talk:Tumarca [at]
  66. User talk:Udmdan1 [at]
  67. User talk:Visem [at]
  68. User talk:Wadorgurt [at]
  69. User talk:Xaahax [at]
  70. User talk:YANBEK [at]
  71. User talk:Yasnodark [at]
  72. User talk:Yufereff [at]
  73. User talk:Азат Хәлилов [at]
  74. User talk:АЙБИКӘ [at]
  75. User talk:Айдамир Монгуш [at]
  76. User talk:Айсар [at]
  77. User talk:Альберт Изъюров [at]
  78. User talk:Арслан Минтемиров [at]
  79. User talk:Әмир [at]
  80. User talk:Башҡорт хоккейы [at]
  81. User talk:Выльгортса [at]
  82. User talk:Гүзәл Ситдиҡова [at]
  83. User talk:Егор Николаев [at]
  84. User talk:Егорка Николаев [at]
  85. User talk:З. ӘЙЛЕ [at]
  86. User talk:Илья Драконов [at]
  87. User talk:Илья эдуардович васильев [at]
  88. User talk:Ирек Хәйрулла [at]
  89. User talk:Исмаил Садуев [at]
  90. User talk:КӗлчечекМ [at]
  91. User talk:Константинов Рудольф [at]
  92. User talk:Ләйсән [at]
  93. User talk:Лена Оконешникова [at]
  94. User talk:Лилиә [at]
  95. User talk:Маарыйа [at]
  96. User talk:Маршалл Лоу123 [at]
  97. User talk:Микол Ӧльӧш [at]
  98. User talk:Мухамадеева [at]
  99. User talk:Рашат Якупов [at]
  100. User talk:Рифат Сәлах [at]
  101. User talk:Санюн Вадик [at]
  102. User talk:Сергей Иванов [at]
  103. User talk:Сөдүөччүйэ [at]
  104. User talk:Страна Гор [at]
  105. User talk:СУЗИ [at]
  106. User talk:Сур Бөрө [at]
  107. User talk:Талгат Шагманов [at]
  108. User talk:Туонньа [at]
  109. User talk:Тутыйғош [at]
  110. User talk:Фәһим Йәркәев [at]
  111. User talk:Хаджимурад [at]
  112. User talk:Шарваланг [at]
  113. User talk:Һәҙиә [at]

Активные участники проектов в Инкубаторе / Active Users in the Incubator projects[edit]

  1. User talk:7jonSnow [at]
  2. User talk:Bedynokue.nart [at]
  3. User talk:Dargin people [at]
  4. User talk:DarkShadow223 [at]
  5. User talk:Dr Don Quijote [at]
  6. User talk:Elteriş [at]
  7. User talk:Esetok [at]
  8. User talk:Gazimagomedov [at]
  9. User talk:GR44 Luc [at]
  10. User talk:Highlander45 [at]
  11. User talk:Inyzh.ded70 [at]
  12. User talk:Katxis [at]
  13. User talk:Kumyk 1 [at]
  14. User talk:Likopiän tyttö [at]
  15. User talk:Mashoi7 [at]
  16. User talk:Ohpuu [at]
  17. User talk:Peterez.peterez [at]
  18. User talk:Reboi [at]
  19. User talk:SamGamgee [at]
  20. User talk:SmartNart12 [at]
  21. User talk:TheRossatron [at]
  22. User talk:Vuokin Olga [at]
  23. User talk:Дагъыстан [at]
  24. User talk:Сыбыр [at]
  25. User talk:Тыуа [at]
  26. User talk:Цағуын [at]
  27. User talk:Цицәк [at]

Любые желающие (прочие) / Anyone willing to subscribe[edit]

Форумы и доски объявлений / Community pages[edit]

  1. ady: Википедие:Форум [at]
  2. av: Википедия:ЖамагІаталъул портал [at]
  3. ba: Википедия:Ҡоролтай [at]
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