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This project must focus on explaining how to live or travel in a given country.

This is only a short presentation (tobe developed). Some chapters are listed below as examples.

General considerations[edit]

Many of the chapters could be well covered by external sources. It is not of our intention to duplicate them, but to reference interresting and proved sources from a single point (ex : tourism).

Some questions are rarely well detailled like those about way of life. This proposal mainly focuses on them.

This proposal could be implemented in different ways (to be discussed here)

general purpose[edit]

  • short summary of history : in order to understand the way of life ;
  • main institutions and organisations to be known ;
  • geography : main parts of the country and principal towns ;
  • language(s) : official and possibly others laguages ;
  • time (localtime in relation to GMT) ;
  • currency ;
  • climate ;
  • public holidays ;
  • ...

living in[edit]

  • habits : all importants habits to live in or travel
  • security
  • urgency : phone numbers and misc. advices
  • housing : opportunities and prices
  • food
    • kind of food and typical practices
    • current prices
  • voltage ;
  • transportations
    • public, taxis
    • car and riding : use, rent, be aware of
  • ...

traveling in[edit]

  • customs
  • papers
  • change : advices, rates of exchange
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • tips
  • Offices of tourism,
  • Embassies and consulates
  • ...


  • short dictionaries of common terms
  • etc.