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Currently, all the Wikimedia projects have are neutral sources of information. That's great, however, what if someone wants to hear people's opinions? What if someone needs an opinion of which, say, hardware is better? Well, they should turn to a review source!

Introducing Wikireview, a wiki where people review basically anything that could POSSIBLY be reviewed! Whether it be books, music, movies, games, hardware, software, graphics, restaruants or anything else! These could assist people in making decisions. In addition, there would be a small NPOV description of the thing being reviewed.

That is not the only use. What if you wrote a poem and you'd like to hear what people think? Well, with Wikireview, you'd be able to do that! If Wikipedia gives you unbiased information, then Wikireview will give you what people think.

Possible jobs at Wikireview for editors[edit]

  • Reviewing - Adding personal opinion
  • Refining - Takes opinions which are not very appropriate for a wiki and makes them more "professional" looking.
  • Page organizing - For making the page easy to navigate through
  • Linking - Linking to the directories of books, music, movies, games, hardware, software, graphics, restaruants or anything else across the sister projects.'
  • Book Reviews - Adding Book Reviews and categorising them by mapping the third party classification system adopted by Wikipedia. Using a citation style, like APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.'

Community pages[edit]

  • Community Portal: Like most wikis, this will have a community portal. This community portal would be much like the other ones.
  • Multilingual Coordination: If this wiki were to exist in different languages, this page helps make sure each language version has all the same content.
  • Peer Guidance: Where you can ask if your review is worthy of the wiki, and ask how to make better reviews for the future
  • Review of the Week: much like Wikipedia's Featured Pictures, this would be an opportunity for a user to put forward a review they think is worthy of being featured, and then the rest of the community will vote either for or against it.
    • Once a review's feature period has come and gone, it will be marked with a star or similar emblem to identify to visitors that it was judged as being a top review. There will also therefore be a "top-rated reviews" category, so visitors can use that category to see only the best of the best if they so wish.
  • Votes for Deletion: Much like the other wikis, this is where you decide the fate of pages. See below on why one would nominate.

Reasons for nominating a review page for deletion[edit]

  • Self-promotion - A person could disguise an advertisement for their website as a review page. This is where they link to their website and say great things about it, as opposed to reviews of personal work, in which the author of the page would have more of a "tell me what you think" message. Pages in which personal work can get reviewed can be categorized as "Personal works to be reviewed"
  • Can't attract a review - If something is really only capable of getting close to no reviews, it'd require deletion. Examples would be local places that don't have similar stores anywhere else, and very non-notable things. However, if both of these examples can attract many reviews, then they don't have to be deleted

If you have more reasons, please add them to the list.

People currently supporting the proposal[edit]

If you like the idea of the project, add yourself to the list by typing: * ~~~

See also[edit]

Wikireview - What the people think

  • Wikisummary proposal: [Wikisummary]. It could be good for these projects to merge or work together - the summaries could form the backbone of the project (for texts/films etc. at least) which would then link to reviews