Wikis World/2022-11

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It's been a month since Wikis World launched. Our original plan had been to host the 10-15 wiki folks that would be displaced in the shutdown, only to get a surge of interest when the birdsite...imploded.

As of 2022-11-13, Wikis World currently has 34 users and 925 posts. Welcome everyone, especially those who are new to the Fediverse, we hope you like it and stick around!

We've upped our hosting plan from an estimated 20 active users to 100 active users so we have plenty of room for more growth. Our hosting provider saw 10x growth in the past week, so things were bumpy for a bit but seemed to have calmed down now.

Since multiple people have asked, we're fine financially in the short term (1-2 years). Our long-term plan is to get a WMF grant to cover the cost of the domain name and hosting; if people would like to help us with that, please reach out!