Wikis World/2023-02

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This update marks 4 months of Wikis World! As of 2023-02-12, we have 90 users (up from last month's 82).

We're excited to announce that Wikis World is now fiscally sponsored by the Open Collective Foundation. This allows us to raise funds and then pay expenses from that money, growing us from a few individuals' hobby project to a (hopefully) long-term, sustainable service. If you would like to and are able to do so, you can donate on our Open Collective page (it's tax deductible). Wikis World will continue to be volunteer-run, our plan is to use the funding for technical needs like paying our hosting provider and domain registration. This also provides us with much better legal footing, so we can take care of needs like insurance and DMCA registration (our next priority now that this has been setup).

Our hosting provider has upgraded us to Mastodon version 4.1.0, you can read the changelog to learn what's changed.

Finally, Lucas has written an essay on how he moderates what appears in the "trends" panel.