Wikis World/2023-07

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Nine months of Wikis World! As of 2023-07-13 we have 135 users (up from last month's 120).

This past month saw Mastodon issue a security release for a critical remote code execution vulnerability - thanks to our hosting provider,, for patching us pretty quickly. On the topic of security, one of the instances we federate with had a backup unintentionally seized by the FBI. This is a good opportunity to remind everyone that "private" messages on Mastodon can still be read by admins (but we have better things to do with our time) and our hosting providers, just like Twitter or Instagram can read your DMs on those services. Use a real encrypted messenger if you want and/or need proper security.

Unfortunately we had some other hosting issues that caused federation to be delayed for a few hours, twice.

After repeated requests, we added the blobfox emoji set for people to use. Because Mastodon doesn't have an API for bulk imports of emoji (please fix this bug :)), a moderator spent 45 minutes manually importing 315 emoji. In other news, TheresNoTime has been given access to add new emojis so feel free to nag them if you want something added! License information on our emoji sets has been moved to Wikis World § Emoji so its easier to discover and edit.

As a reminder, the previously announced default license change to CC BY-SA 4.0 went into effect on at the beginning of July. Happy posting!