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Wikiscore would be a wiki that has current scores, news on sports games, articles on teams, and players. The articles on the teams and players would focus more on stats and records rather than what is on Wikipedia already. It would be different from Wikipedia because it's focus on stats and records, also because scores of recent games would be featured on the Main Page. Articles could be allowed to have extremely minute details like every single play in the Superbowl. Also if people miss a game they really wanted to see, they'd check the game on Wikiscore.

A article on a sports game would be formatted like this: "DD-MM-YY Sports team nickname 1 vs. Sports team nickname 2" e.g. "03-12-07 Redskins vs. Colts". For nicknames that are used in two leagues (N.Y. Rangers and Texas Rangers), put the league initials after the nickname (RangersNHL). There are exception to this format. For a championship, for example a Superbowl, you would just write: "Superbowl XLI" or "Superbowl 41".

To see the proposal of this wiki see: Proposals
To see the demo of this wiki see: This Website
To see the creator of this wiki see: User:Tcbmotors
To see an already existing Wikimedia Foundation project where sports contests are reported, cross-linked to the Wikipedia articles on the teams and players, see n:en:Portal:Sports.