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I study all the ancient Christian related religious documents that I can find on the internet. I keep a personal directory in my microsoft365 OneNote notebook of religious topics and ancient documentaries that relate to them.  I have collected the screen clippings and hyperlinks to various ancient documentation concerning different religious topics in the selection tabs. I have studied documents concerning the Christian apocrypha, all other ancient Christian related codices and manuscripts, dead sea scroll documentation, Nag Hammadi Library, Buddha and Hindu scriptures Egyptian and Mesopotamian artifacts and all other info related to ancient religions of the world. I try not to add my own interpretation of the topics I just keep a collection of the copied screen clippings in a tab related to the related subject tab in the directory bar. I study the bible also and how the different texts relate to the other ancient Christian and world religion related manuscripts. I try to focus more on the similarities and less on the differences between the info in all the documentation. I wish to share my collection with all who wish to study religion and hope that information can be shared by others as well.

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Cynthia Bucher

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scripturewiki world religions ancient christian documents

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Cynthia Bucher