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Wikisource Community User Group/March 2017 Hangout

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Event information

To talk about various Wikisource things, such as:

  1. What do we want to build or achieve together over the next 15 years?
  2. IA Upload failures
  3. Add thing here

Notes will be recorded on an etherpad.

If anyone has any trouble joining the Hangout, get on #wikisourceconnect on IRC and we'll try to sort it out.



  1. Sam Wilson
  2. Yann Forget
  3. Thomas Tanon

IA Upload[edit]

  • Some files failing: too big for upload to Commons; too big to merge XML; sometimes new users are blocked by the abusefilter.
  • Fix for out-of-memory error: merge OCR into individual pages before merging into single DjVu file?
  • All failed items should be logged in Phabricator so they can be followed up.

Google Summer of Code: Wikisource project[edit]

Yann will be mentoring 3 students this year. https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T128840

  • T67231: Search on Special:IndexPages with OR and incategory does not work
  • T128298: Wikisource index lists are incomplete
  • T153120: Convert Index: Pages editing form to OOjsUI
  • T51482: Create auto-validate privilege
  • T146160: Migrate ProofreadPage zoom feature to OOJS
  • T153124: Load a higher resolution scan image when zooming in

Future improvements to ProofreadPage[edit]

  • Use Wikibase on Wikisource to store (local) metadata? This must wait till structure data on Commons.

Work-edition separation, and interwiki links[edit]

  • Some Wikisources rely on having a single item for linking between Wikisource and Wikipedia etc., but this structure is not the way of the future.
  • Better to use P629 ('edition or translation of') and display interproject links based on the edition, or the work, or (and this is currently not simple) even traversing back down a level again with P629 and getting all other edition sitelinks.

Next hangout[edit]