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Aggregate site statistics
total numbers for site traffic, within a defined time period. The aggregate can be projects like Wikipedia or even languages.

Segmented site statistics
numbers for a filtered subset of the site traffic, within a defined time period. The filtering can be on user types or request methods.

Individual site statistics
numbers for a single visitor on the site, within a defined time period. Note; Wikimedia does not track individual visitors.

Building Block Terms[edit]

a defined unit, usually a single wikipage with content.

Page views
the number of times a page or some other defined unit was viewed. If no further action are done on the site within a time period, the #visit session will terminate.

is an interaction with a website consisting of one or more requests for a page or other content. If no other action on the site within a time period, the #session will terminate.

Unique visitors
the number of inferred #individuals, filtered for spiders and robots, within a given timeframe, with activity consisting of #visits to the site. Each visitor is counted only once in the metric for the reporting period.

New visitor
the number of #unique visitors with activity including a first-ever #visit to a site during a reporting period.

Repeat visitor

Return visitor

Visit Characterization[edit]

Entry page

Landing page

Exit page

Visit duration


Internal referrer

External referrer

Search referrer

Visit referrer

Original referrer


Click-through rate/ratio

Page views per visit

Content Characterization[edit]

Page exit ratio
is the number of exits from a page divided by total number of page views of that particular page.

Single-page visits
that consist of one page regardless of the number of page impressions.

Single page view

Visits (bounces)
that consist of one single page view.

Bounce rate
the single page view visits divided by entry page view visits.

Conversion Metrics[edit]

any logged or recorded action that has a specific date-time assigned by either the client or server.

a visitor completing a target action. Not to be confused by user conversion in Wikimedia projects.


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