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Gallery Voyager—showcasing great travel photos

Shore ideas or proposals for the next show on the Talk page.

Use: transclude Gallery Voyager into any Meta page, with {{Wikivoyage/Gallery}}. It floats right. See it on Wikivoyage.

The current show, Embark, celebrates images from the 11 language versions of Wikivoyage.
(February 16, 2013 – ________)

Rogerhc is curating this show and invites participation and suggestions from all comers. To kick off the show, Roger is choosing one image from each language version of Wikivoyage.

Language codes in each image's caption shows which language versions of Wikivoyage use that image.

bolded language code shows in which language version Roger first discovered that image, usually because it was featured on the Main Page of that language version or was used in one of that language version's past featured articles, such as past "Destination of the month", "Off the beaten path", "Featured travel topic", or "Discover".

de German voy:de:Hauptseite
en English voy:en:Main Page
es Spanish voy:es:Página_principal
fr French voy:fr:Accueil
it Italian voy:it:Pagina_principale
nl Dutch voy:nl:Hoofdpagina
pt     Portuguese   voy:pt:Página_principal
pl Polish voy:pl:Strona_główna
ro Romanian voy:ro:Pagina_principală
ru Russian voy:ru:Заглавная_страница
sv Swedish voy:sv:Huvudsida
uk Ukrainian voy:uk:Головна_сторінка
zh Chinese voy:zh:首页