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Wikivoyage holds monthly summits, where ambassadors from each language version can come together to report and discuss interesting news in their communities with the broader Wikivoyage community. The goal is to promote interlingual coordination and cooperation, and to more generally foster a spirit of cross-wiki community and shared endeavor.

Reports should include information such as major accomplishments, features being developed or implemented, features being discussed, technical issues, events, and examples of exceptional work being done.

Archived report could be found in the Summit reports archive.

January 2018[edit]

February 2018[edit]



March 2018[edit]


April 2018[edit]


May 2018[edit]

en, de[edit]



  • User DerFussi released the DeleteRequests.js script which gives a delete form to perform all steps of a deletion request off the reel.

July 2018[edit]

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August 2018[edit]


  • The scripts MapTools.js and Poi2gpx.js were improved. Maps generated by MapTools.js contain now lines and polygones fetched from external sources. Poi2gpx.js is now able to export tracks embedded in the article into a gpx file. The tracks can be stored in external sources, too.

November 2018[edit]


  • At German Wikivoyage we are planning and realizing improvements for smartphones. Marker Tooltips can be shown now on smartphones not only after a mouse-over event.