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Wikivoyage/Tenth Birthday/Contest

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To celebrate Wikivoyage's Tenth Anniversary, a contest/edit-a-thon is planned between January 15 and February 15, 2023, as a way to encourage more editors to participate. Here's how affiliates and language versions can participate

Language versions can be included if before December 15, 2022:

  • Have a jury composed of three volunteers and one of them is an administrator of that language version who will create the panel on fountain. While the jury may participate in the edit-a-thon, none of its members are eligible for global or local awards.
  • Will translate the anniversary logo.
  • Will have a local page explaining the rules of how to participate. In these, it should be indicated that copyright violations will not be admitted and instead the participant will be immediately disqualified.
  • Can adapt or keep the following scoring criteria:
    • 7 points for filling an important content gap in the project (e.g., by creating an article on a large city or important region, or substantially expanding an empty/outline article on such a destination),
    • 5 points for creating a new article (the article will be valid if have the required basic templates, basic article structure and an introduction that briefly describes the destination (simply "X is a city in region Y" does not count as a valid introduction),
    • 3 points for improving an existing article,
    • 1 point for each 2000 bytes added to an existing article or a new article that has a basic structure,
    • 1 point for illustrating an article,
    • 3 points if the article is illustrated with original images taken by the participant, provided that Commons doesn't have any similar images.
  • You can create additional scoring criteria, applicable for completed challenges:
    • For ideas of possible challenges they can take the challenges used in the NewsVoyage contest as an example. Isn't needed to be exactly the same.

Wikimedia affiliates can be included if by December 15:

  • They have expressed interest in being included or the language version has invited them to be included.
  • They define their type of support:
    • Coordination: they support in the coordination of the contest,
    • Promotion: They promote the contest and the local editathons through their social networks,
    • Global awards: Support in the sponsorship of the global awards,
    • Local awards: Support in the sponsorship of local awards.
Affiliate interested
Name of the affiliate Contact Support type Note
Wikimedia Small Projects Galahad Coordination
Global prizes
Can be incluided as interested affiliate for each linguistic version.
Wikimedia México User:José Reyes (WMMX) Promotion -
Wikimedia Venezuela User:Ybsen lucero Promotion -
Linguistic version participants
Linguistic version Affiliate interested Jury Local page Translated logo Content gap Fountain panel
Spanish Wikivoyage Wikimedia Small Projects
Wikimedia México
Wikimedia Venezuela
Galahad (admin) voy:es:Wikiviajes:Editatón Décimo Aniversario Destinos iberoamericanos N/D
English Wikivoyage Wikimedia Small Projects Ikan Kekek, WhatamIdoing, SHB2000 voy:Wikivoyage:10-year anniversary edit-a-thon - - -