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Year: 2006  Week: 23  Number: 28        


An independent internal news bulletin 
for the members of the Wikimedia community


=== Technical news ===

[oversight] A new revision-hiding user class, "oversight", was created recently. Users with the function can permanently delete page revisions containing personal information, copyright violations, or libelous content. This is function is only active on the English language Wikipedia

[NewWikisource] 19 new language version-wikis of Wikisource are created

{{#language:}} magic word added. For example, {{#language:es}} produces Español.

=== Policy ===

[Test] Wikipedia pages on meta are being moved to a separate wiki.

=== Politics ===

[Sitenotice-to-all] The Communications Committee is working on a way to set the sitenotice for all wikis. Probably a bot with sysop-status will be used for this.

=== Foundation ===

[CEO] The WMF has decided to hire a lawyer for legal matters and who will also work as "Interim Executive Director".

[New committee] The WMF has the decided to establish a Fundraising committee.

[Foundation-l] this week there are very active treats about the role of the board and jobs. 

=== Community ===

[CH Wikimedia] on the 17th June the first Swiss Wikipedia-day will proceed.

=== Stats ===

[EO] The Esperanto Wikipedia has reached 100,000 total pages. 

[$] In the month May the WMF received 1504 donations for a total of $33,210 by means of PayPal

=== Did you know ...  ===

... that according to Alexa, the Russian Wiktionary is the second most-visited Wiktionary, with half as much traffic as the English project?

=== Quote ===

Fun will now commence
  -- Seven Of Nine, "Ashes to Ashes", stardate 53679.4

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