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Wikizine/2006-26-special L

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Year: 2006  Week: 26  Special edition         


An independent internal news bulletin 
for the members of the Wikimedia community


Wikizine announcement

With pleasure can Wikizine present to you our new website at Wikizine.org. http://www.wikizine.org You can there find Wikizine in "blog-style". You can browse easy in the older editions and use the search function find what you know have read some time ago in Wikizine but can not find it anymore. Also is it now even more easy to give feedback by means of the "comments" function of the blog. Included in the package is of course a feed of Wikizine; http://www.wikizine.org/atom.xml Wikizine is a "zine". So the plain-text email edition stays the primary distribution channel. The blog is only an online version the email edition. Wikizine hopes so to lower the barrier by means of the blog and reach more members of the community this way. For the email readers nothing will change. Wikizine will make this week some advertisements about itself on the mailing lists. In the more then six months that Wikizine exists many new people have joined the projects and many will not know that Wikizine exist. The purpose is not to get especially many more readers but to get people subscribed from projects and languages who are not yet reading Wikizine. And so increase the flow of information.

How you can help Wikizine

If you are from a smaller project there is a good change that you community is more isolated form the larger Wikimedia-community because to the language barrier. Please act as a bridge and inform your local community about the news that you read in Wizine. You can make a complete translation; make a page on you wiki and translate Wikizine every week. That would be great but also a lot of work. And possibly for very few readers. Probably you can suffice by only translate certain fragments that seem to you the most relevant and put those on you local announcement page. Any way of information flow to the non-English speaking wikis is very useful to hold the community across the languages together. You are part of the Wikimedia-community and so are the people writing Wikizine. You know things that other people may not know. That is the foundation of the Wikimedia-projects; people sharing there knowledge. So is it is also for Wikizine. You will notice the news in Wikizine frequently about Wikipedia and especially about the English language version. The reason is that it is easy find out what is going on there. If there is interesting news to tell about some smaller project, and most of the Wikimedia projects are small, then it is not likely that Wikizine will find out about if nobody comes to tell about it. So again, please please please if you have news about your home Wiki share it with Wikizine. You will get credit for it :-) The existing of Wikizine is still not know by many. So you can also help to expand the reader base by telling about it or putting a banner on your userpage. Or even see of your community has not problem to include a banner on a project page like your local village pump. http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikizine/banners If you have questions or like to help someway please contact Wikzine. Thanks for reading this special edition and, hopefully with your co-operation, you can help Wikizine to accomplish its objective to bring the news of *all* the projects for the members of the community. This ends this service announcement. The normal edition follows. ////////////////////////////////////////// Number of subscribers: 436 Editor(s): Walter E-mail: ihavenews AT wikizine DOT org ////////////////////////////////////////// Wikizine.org makes no guarantee of accuracy, validity and especially but not limited to, correct grammar and spelling. Wikizine.org is not a publication of the Wikimedia Foundation. Content is available under the GNU Free Documentation License. Publisher:meta:user:Walter