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Year: 2006  Week: 31  Number: 36 Extra       


An independent internal news bulletin 
for the members of the Wikimedia community


=== Wikimania 2006 Online ===

It is now almost so far. The main Wikimedia event of the year; Wikimania 2006. 
(View countdown until Wikimania; http:// tinyurl.com/gn6o8 )

From this Friday until Sunday in Cambrige, Massachusetts, USA Wikimedians from all around the world will meet. And listen and give speeches or visit workshops. 

Many Wikimadians will be there. But all the the other people who are not there but interested in what is going on extended online information will be available.

The main presentations will be broadcast online by audio and/or video live-streams, live transcriptions of the talks and even live translations for some languages.  

Every presentation has its own page on the Wikimania-wiki with information about it and links to all media when available. (pfd's, silde shows, audio/video, transcripts)

These pages can you find on the general schedule page;

There will also an item especially for the online participants;

You can still enter nominations for the Wikimania Awards 

=== Wikizine special ===

Wikizine will attempt to provide its own overview of Wikimania on the website with the post;

This post will be frequently updated and expanded.

The idea is to provide on one page easy access to the audio, video and other media that are needed for attending Wikimania online. And tools for making it more easy to use like a clock with UTC/Wikimania local time, webbased Ogg Vorbis-player, javachat ...  So that you have everything you need to follow Wikimania online with only one page to watch.

Volunteers for assisting Wikizine with the updating of this post "Wikimania 2006 Online" are highly welcome. To give you access you will need or get a blogger account. Contact Wikizine if interested.

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