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CIS-A2K/Events/Workshop of Publishers and Writers on Unicode, Open Source and Wikimedia Projects

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The writers and publishers major stakeholders in knowledge sector. Their approach towards open & free knowledge movement is very crucial to boost the activities. CIS-A2K has taken initiative to build networks among these players. In response to such appeal, this session was arranged.



CIS-A2K has started dialogue with the publishers from January 2018 regarding FOSS, Open knowledge and content donation to Wikimedia Projects. As a result, various publishers and writers associated with social sector have taken initiative to organise workshops. Parisar, NGO working on environmental issues organised this orientation session for 4 activists, 5 publishers and 6 writers.


  • To introduce Free & Open knowledge sources
  • To explain the copyright issues related to content doantion
  • To demonstrate the methodology of re-licensing, uploading on Commons, Wikisource process

Event details

  • Date:25 July 2018
  • Time: 4.30 to 7.30PM
  • Venue : Parisar, Pune
  • Participants : 15



The adoption of Unicode and open source softwares is necessary in changing scenario. Various Marathi typing tools and free fonts available on web were demonstrated. The comparison between the existing proprietary tools and FOSS tools was discussed. Then the introduction to Marathi Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wiktionary projects was given. The status and quality of the content was discussed. The process to make available old reference books, out of print books on Commons was explained with focus on copyright issues. Loud thinking on Social marketing, new medium of e-books and establishing a company on lines of Amazon for e-selling of Marathi books was also done within the group.



The publishers would convince their consortium to take this theme on their agenda. The hands-on workshop for operators and writers in publishing houses will be planned in collaboration with State Marathi department. The publishers & writers will explore the possibility of re-licensing of books.